Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sorry folks, but as you can see from this post , I haven't really had a lot of time to devote to doing things that aren't "required" (homework, class, eating, sleeping, bathing, etc.) so I thought I would take the time while the kitchen floor is drying to post an update.

I started my first SUNY MST Ottawa course (you can check it out here) on September 2nd. The driving was really annoying at first, the 416 is an awful highway. There is about an hour or so where you don't pass any easily accessible services, so if you gotta go, well, your out of luck in finding facilities close to the highway. I have since found a geat route that cuts cross country and seems to have shaved some time off my drive. I use a completely different route at night, to keep things changing.

I also have a great cell phone plan that means I can use my bluetooth to call friends and family when class is done early and catch up while I drive home. (Its handsfree people, get the dirty looks off your faces)

It would appear I have the driving part figured out. As for the course, the first one was Foundations of Education, we had a lot of articles to read, did some interviewing, and generally got acquainted with the nuances of the profession and the current pedagogy. It was a great start, the professor is excellent, and I got a fantastic mark, 92.1%. The next course in the series is Development and Education, which I started this past Thursday. I already am loving this course because my major interest while doing my undergraduate degree was development. I also repeated development while completing my ECE requirements.

Should be a good review and expansion of my previous knowledge. I am looking forward to looking at development from the education angle.

Other than that, the girls are well settled into our new routine, they enjoy their Thursdays with Grammy, are doing very well in their new school, and have gymnastics again this year. They also participate in karate class during one lunch hour a week at school.

Well, the floor is dry, I need to get back at it. I have seriously neglected many aspects of cleaning whilst studying lately.

With any luck I will get back on here sooner next time.