Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hmmmm good question.....

My girls have been doing this thing lately where they will ask me where something is, where something goes, or how they do something they do almost everyday. Its driving me nuts, because while there are no stupid questions, these are just dumb. Every time Mackenzie gets in the shower, she asks "How do I make it warmer". The response: How do you make it warmer?
Cause I am tired of repeating myself

Mommy, where's the case for this DS game?
Good question, Where is the case?

Cause its not my reponsibility

Mommy, what do I have to pack for school today?
Um, this is the fifth year we've been doing this, really, if you have to ask, I have concerns.

Mommy, where does this (insert dish here) go?
Hm, where does that go?

- Its like they are refusing to think for themselves right now. I know some kids go through stages like this, but this is ridiculous, both of them at the same time. And Bug is worse than Bean.

I am also having a hard time with having to repeat requests. And it is at times reducing me to yelling.

But then, there are other times when they are asked to do something and they do it brilliantly - like last week when I asked Mackenzie to tidy the entry, she organized everything on her own, pulled up the boot tray and mat, swept and vacummed and swiffered. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Monday, February 6, 2012

What can I say? Last semester was so hard...

Just after my last post, and leading into Labor Day weekend, my beloved dog Diesel got sick. He stopped eating, he was behaving very old (he was 10). I took him to the vet, had some bloodwork done and was given pain pills to give him since he seemed to be in a lot of pain in his hips.

I did not really see what was coming that day. We went home, and by afternoon, he needed my help to stand up from a lying position. By Sunday, his back end was collapsing and I knew what I had to do as soon as the vet opened on Monday. He was failing fast.

Sunday night I slept by him, because he would scrabble and panic trying to get up to go to bed with me.

The same on Monday, except by that night I could barely get him outside for a pee. I encouraged the girls to spend a little time with him before bed, since I knew the next morning was the last time they would see him.

Tuesday morning, I call my mom because I can't leave the dog alone, but I MUST go to work, its my first day at a new job. She stayed with him, and helped me put him in her SUV early afternoon when I had completed my first day. We took him to the vet's office, and I went inside to get help to carry him in. He died waiting for me to come back out.

I had to go to school that night and start a new course. One of the more difficult days in my life, I must say.

And it only gets better from here.