Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, I have been neglecting the blog lately. The reason for this has been that a) I have been busy every night until close to time to go to bed b) I had my first children's lit assignment due. Now that assignment is handed in and I have had a day mostly off, so I can think about other things.

Things like the next room I am going to purge - my room or the living room?- in the process started by a simple desire to paint one bedroom.

Or all the new scrapbooking stuff I have that I cant wait to get using, on top of the card making stuff I have so I can start on the busy season's cards - Christmas of course, but there are also a bunch of birthdays in there.

I am still busy, technically speaking, I am working 13 days straight. Then I have 2 off. I need to find something to do with my girls on those 2 days off - like maybe the zoo?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

36 hours +/- to go

So the girls come home tomorrow night. I still need to wash their bedding, and sort out their clothing and stuffed animals so they each have the appropriate ones in their respective rooms. They won't be home until Monday night, and they will likely be quite tired, otherwise I would wait and let them help to sort their belongings and put things away. I also should try to vacuum the whole house, since I have neglected the downstairs the entire week.

I am also now contemplating heading to the zoo (Toronto) on Tuesday, which would make for a rather busy couple of days. I haven't decided completely yet though, as I may wait and do Toronto in a few weeks when it isn't so hot out, and go to Peterborough on Tuesday instead, since they have a great little zoo with a water park and a little train and I can take all our own food, etc.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shhh, Santa's been busy

So my twins' birthday is 6 weeks before Christmas. My moms is a week before, mine is a week after. There are a few others' birthdays that occur in that 8 week time frame as well.

So I started a couple of years ago planning as far ahead as possible, and picking things up on sale as I saw them - books and DVDs especially. We love movies and stories in our house. This year, I have outdone myself. I have the twins' birthday completely done - and outfit each, a cabbage patch limited edition that they begged me to get when they saw them and a couple of other things. Then I have Christmas done except for: the new in car dvd system - it will be in stock soon and on for $99 so I'll pick it up then, and a few more stocking stuffers.

What makes this year unique is that not only have I completed my kids gifts and its only August, but I have my brother's gift on order, it will arrive later this week, and I am picking up bits and pieces for my mom here and there - she wants new sets of stemware as she currently has a mish mash of glasses and stemware, and not enough of a specific type. The only major person left is my dad. Neither my brother or I can figure him out. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm sure something will be on sale and catch my eye for him:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check, check, check

So, that to do list for when the kids left for their dad's? I got a head start. The girls were excited to help start the process, so they moved books, stripped beds, and did whatever else they could since it was a rainy day here on Sunday.

BUT I added to the to do list in the process. I decided that since I have wanted to paint my bedroom since we moved into this house, I would do that too. What better way to use the time whilst the other room dries in between coats?

So, I have slept in the living room since Sunday, and tonight I am back in my freshly painted, beautiful bedroom. Bugaboos room is done and furnished as well. I just need to hang her night light and hang Bean's night light. I have to say I honestly can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. Maybe I'll decide to work on choosing a colour for the hall, stairway, living room, and entry since I've now painted everything else that needed/warranted a coat of paint except the main areas of my home.

All that is left is a major sort and clean out of each bedroom, which is normally on the to do list for this time of year since school will be starting soon. Then its get the rest of my stuff out of my Dad's storage.

Now to await the exciting arrival home of the twins to their very own bedrooms. This should be interesting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


So, the twins go to their dad's house tomorrow night for almost 9 days.

This of course means that although I am working every day that they are gone, I will have time to do things, many things - hopefully.

The top of the list is to repaint the spare room for Twin B to move into (cousin note: when we named the girls, we accidentally named them in alphabetical order to their birth order and Twin A is the one who came first, how does that work). And of course rearrange lots of furniture.

I doubt very much that Bugaboo, (Twin B) will end up in her sister's room. Once she is asleep, she is out, and she is like me, when she makes up her mind, she is set and determined. And if that does happen, that's okay. She'll still benefit from having her own private space, as will Little Bean (Twin A).

This project has meant that some furnishings are being moved to my room, and some things are being moved out to Grammy and Grandads extra room (they are empty nesters now, so they have lots of rooms). I also need to go to the family storage locker and clear out whatever I can, including a piece of furniture that I now need for my room.

Then, I still have the storage room to clean up cause I've let it get away from me again. And the kitchen chairs to fix, the chest freezer to go through and clean out, kitchen drawers to rummage and de clutter, menu planning for the rest of the month so groceries will be easier with all the busyness, back to school shopping lists to write - including two new pairs of running shoes per twin, and then there's all the prep to be done for fall (seeing what warm clothes we have, what we need, Little Bean has finally outgrown size 4).

I have a get together to attend on Wednesday after work, really need to catch up with a couple of old friends, oh, and the backyard needs tidying and weeding, as does the front, replace the front light bulb, I could go on and on and on.

And don't forget, I have only 10 more days until my first assignment is due for Children's Lit, and less than a month now until the first 1000 word essay.

Whew, I know I am overwhelemed after cataloguing all of that - how about you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A mommy moment

Tonight at dinner, the twins were talking about having their own rooms at their dad's house. This is apparently very exciting stuff! So I asked if they would like their own rooms here, and twin B stated she would like to sleep in Grammas room. She likes that room a lot. Twin A answered that that was great, cause she loves her pink room and wants bunk beds when Twin B moves out.

I guess its settled. I have some painting to do, we're working on what colour right now, and some rearranging of certain items I have bought in advance for Christmas that are hidden in that room's closet.

And the bunk bed idea (which their twin beds turn into, so we already have a set) means that Twin B can easily be moved in with her sister when company stays.

I'm feeling that same feeling I felt the first time they slept in the other room, the first night in separate cribs, and the first night in big girl beds. Its one of those nights for a glass of wine and a little cry over how quickly they aren't babies anymore. 4 1/2 seems so old and at the same time, not that old at all.

Feeling a little panicked

So, I accessed the next course I need to take. Wow. I've got all the important stuff printed, as well as all the assignments, discussions, and the major essay outlines. Then I printed all 10 lectures. They aren't overly long, I can digest them in less than half an hour. The content is dull at best, but I can get through it, its not the hardest stuff I've had to master.

Here's the problem causing me panic: this course has a very rigid schedule, with one full letter grade deducted if you miss the post deadline. Also, you only have 48 hours to write an intelligent, cited response to 2 other people's discussion posts. Not to mention three essays - 2 1000 word puupies and the major 2000 word sucker. Do any of you remember the feeling when you arrived at your first university course and saw all the work, week by week that you would have to complete? I am very quickly recalling the pit in my stomach. I was very spoiled by Linda's Office course. Go at your own pace, try to do 2 -3 assignments a week, and email me if you have any questionsm the exam is ready when you feel you're done. That one I did in 21 days. This one I'll be taking the full 4 months, thank you very much.

One other thing, this course requires papers to be cited in the MLA style. I never thought about checking to see what documentation style they would want. I am a science major, so my experience with documentation has always been APA. Crap! Now I need to get my hands on my old Notes of the Preparation of Essays in the Arts and Sciences. A great handbook that showed how to document in both styles, and gave pointers on format and general style. Where is it?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gosh, I'm already behind

So, I have been really busy this week and things are about to get MUCH busier. In order to cope with this I am going to be cooking and baking tomorrow to hopefully get myself through to the start of school (which for me, since my children attend an alternative school still, will be AFTER labour day) just in time to do it all over again for school lunches, etc.

Here are some of the sites I love to get make ahead recipes from

I love this concept, and plan to initiate my own low cost dinner plan - I just haven't decided on the exact price yet. And I don't know that I'll be as exact as Erin is (she knows how much 2tbsp of flour is).

Erin ( links to many of their recipes, and I love the idea of cooking half my months meals in one day, and then reheating them.

I also am a magazine addict. I get Canadian Living, Chatelaine and Today's Parent which give me great ideas.

My final source is Rachel Ray. She cooks on the spot, and is waistline conscious. I never would have ever thought to use chicken stock in my mac and cheese to lighten it up without losing flavour. She also had a great guest on the show once that gave me great ideas about adding veggies to dishes without being able to tell.

So for now, I sign off, with the promise of posting all about my cooking/baking blitz and some of the recipes I use.