Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A mommy moment

Tonight at dinner, the twins were talking about having their own rooms at their dad's house. This is apparently very exciting stuff! So I asked if they would like their own rooms here, and twin B stated she would like to sleep in Grammas room. She likes that room a lot. Twin A answered that that was great, cause she loves her pink room and wants bunk beds when Twin B moves out.

I guess its settled. I have some painting to do, we're working on what colour right now, and some rearranging of certain items I have bought in advance for Christmas that are hidden in that room's closet.

And the bunk bed idea (which their twin beds turn into, so we already have a set) means that Twin B can easily be moved in with her sister when company stays.

I'm feeling that same feeling I felt the first time they slept in the other room, the first night in separate cribs, and the first night in big girl beds. Its one of those nights for a glass of wine and a little cry over how quickly they aren't babies anymore. 4 1/2 seems so old and at the same time, not that old at all.

1 comment:

  1. might I suggest a trial separation before you go too far with moving??

    ie. move B into the other room, but don't totally redecorate yet, and just see how it goes?? See how many times you find two little girls in A's room in the morning?

    (you totally need nicknames for your girls!! I can't remember who's who!!)