Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's for dinner?

This question is always on my mind. Especially on days when I work until 4:30 or later. That means what's for dinner has to be defrosted by the time I get home, or I have to come up with something not involving the various stocks of beef, pork, and chicken I keep in the freezer.

While I love take out, its just too expensive.

I'm pretty sure I took out some pork tenderloin cuts this morning (gosh, I hope I did). If that's the case its probably going to be some kind of a pork and rice dish. The challenge: I haven't got any peppers or other fresh veg in the fridge to stir fry into the rice to make it interesting. Well, I guess its time to scope out a couple of my favourtie cooking blogs to see if I can find any ideas with my limited supplies.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it September Yet?

Is it September yet? here's why I ask:

Many of the people I know that haven't known me since before I had kids call me CRAZY. They don't realize that I have actually slowed down some since having them.

I like to be busy. I actually get more done when I have a full schedule than when I have a light schedule. So here's what my schedule is like now:

I work 3 jobs. One every Monday, and i can pick up shifts Tues-Fri when they become available, the second is in a retail store, and that's every other weekend, every other Wednesday, and extra shifts when the boss is away. The third is a work from home deal for a family friend doing admin stuff. Its flexible but I need to check email everyday and respond.

Right now, with summer vacation season upon us, I AM BUSY, because everyone wants to be on vaca. This week, from Monday through to Sunday evening, I am working the store everyday (yes, the weekend as well, cause its my regular weekend). Then I am off Monday because the daycare is closed, work Wednesday and Saturday at the store. As of Saturday, I will work the next 30 with 5 days off total. The sucky part of this is that my first day off in this cycle is Sunday. It doesn't really seem to count.

Keep in mind I have 4 1/2 year old twins who are very active, very busy, and take up a lot of time. They are spending extra time with their dad this summer which means shuttling them to his place 1/2 an hour away, and them coming at weird times on weird nights. During school, this is home to mom Sunday, off to Dad's Friday night. I REALLY miss this routine.

And if that wasn't enough for me, I have just started the process of getting my teaching certificate. This means that during my week where I am almost off (next week) I am starting a Children's Lit course which I have 4 months to complete. I just finished an MS Office 2007 course, and will write the exam Saturday night after work so that its done and out of the way.

Did I mention i like to be busy? I don't think I meant this busy. DEFINITELY not.

All in all, I should be mush by labour day weekend and my house will likely need some major attention to detail.

I've decided to let out my inner Blog Monster

Alright. I have become frustrated with the whole answering the same question on facebook multiple times. That and the fact that every time I update my status, the last one disappears.

I have too much that I want to share about me, my life as a mom of twins, my new(ish) life as a single mom (these things are not mutually exclusive, but each designation carries different meaning), how I manage three part time jobs, a social life (HA), and finances (cause everyone keeps asking) and the things I like to do.

I blame Leslie (she'll hopefully become a follower). She introduced me to her blog, and from that I ended up on her husband's blog about sailing the family boat, and now I am up to at least 4 blogs that I follow religiously. Cous, you have created a monster and it is about to unleash itself on the world. Here goes.