Saturday, December 11, 2010

It had to happen sometime

Do you remember that feeling, that ugh kind of feeling, that you really really just didn't want to go to class?
I am one of those students who absolutely rued the times I had to miss school due to illness (or bad weather once I reached post secondary)

But once in awhile, when there was so much else to do, so much else going on in my life, I would just want to skip. And very rarely I did.

I now have some more perspective on things, seeing as its been over 7 years since I graduated the last time. Class is not quite as important as simply learning about my future profession.

I am feeling this especially so since one Thursday night when we were expecting some bad weather. My professor had emailed me, saying I could email in my written assignment, and postpone my presentation that night in order to not get stuck in freezing rain. I, needing desperately to complete those two assignments, negotiated that I would indeed attend, but then leave early so as to avoid the worst of the coming storm.

Now, with the last class on Thursday, all of the main learning completed, and a goodly chunk of class time devoted to our end of the semester supper, I am wavering. I really really really am having a hard time convincing myself that I need to be in class. There is so much to do for Christmas at the daycare and at home that the time really would be better spent at home. I could, as told before, just email in my assignment.

But, me being me, I will go to class. That is unless Mother Nature keeps up her Thursday theme and pelts us with some unpleasant weather that would give me an appropriate excuse to not drive two hours up, sit in class for four hours, and drive two hours home.

One can only, sickly and twistedly, hope.