Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

So, with Christmas Eve only three sleeps away (EVERYTHING is counted by sleeps in my house), I thought I would take a few minutes to update everyone on all the craziness of this year, as some of my extended family and my very close friends read this blog to keep up on our family news.

At the beginning of 2009, I was working part time at the store, one day a week at the daycare, and babysitting Tues/Thurs (miss that little one sooooooo much). I had planned to keep up this kind of blend of stay at home/working mom until the girls began public school in Fall of 2010.

Then in February I discovered a part time teacher education program with evening and weekend classes that would accept me with my credentials and experience. The program would take 2 1/2 years to complete and I would have a Master of Science in Teaching. Wow! Little did I know how much this one click on a link on the internet would drastically change the course of our future.

After attending an information session, and speaking with former teachers (of mine) and other contacts who work with the local school board, I decided I would apply for the fall of 2009, then defer my acceptance by one year, which would slate me to start Fall of 2010. I was accepted, and in interim, I am working on the "catch up" courses they have asked me to take (a computer course, children's literature, and history). I will officially begin attending grad school at SUNY Potsdam in the MST Ottawa program Sept 2010. For those of you who don't already understand, this is my life's dream, and my life's work come to fruition. All I have ever wanted to do was teach, and now I will be doing just that.

So there's me in a nutshell for 2009. Schoolwork, work, and kids.

Winter 2009, the girls participated in pre dance, and while they enjoyed it, Mackenzie did not want to continue. Laura did a second session, and then decided she preferred gymnastics like her sister. Both girls were taking swimming lessons at a local gym.

We bid goodbye to our baby B in April, as the looming summer vacation season and future tuition costs meant that I needed to work out of the house more. We do miss her, but it was the best decision for us in terms of our future needs. Around this time, the daycare I worked at announced they would be expanding, by building a completely new daycare, and Pladec would become Pladec and Pladec East. This meant some major changes were expected for my part time position.

In June, we enjoyed a three day mini vacation in Niagara Falls. We saw the sights, had a day at Marineland, spent some time with the butterflies, and just hung out. This trip went amazingly well, the only thing I would have changed would be to remember the laptop power cord so the girls could have watched a movie at night to fall asleep. I will definitely be planning one or two of these little mini trips for the coming warm season.

The rest of the summer, when I wasn't working, we had trips to the cottage, took in the buskers festival, and spent a lot of time at Grammy and Grandad's house with our bikes (nowhere to store our bikes inside at our house, so its safer to keep them in Sydenham).

In September, when things slowed down, we were able to head for the Toronto Zoo to see the Sharks at Stingray Bay exhibit in which we got to pet stingrays. Unfortunately, the sharks would not come out from under the waterfall to allow us to pet them. We had a blast, and again, it was a day that went so well, that we will be doing the zoo many times this coming year.

Laura is on the right in this picture, Mackenzie is on the left. They are two months shy of five years old in this picture.

Having our picture taken on the Komodo Dragon, Mackenzie in front, Laura in the back.

The girls also started their final year of Montessori school in September. By October, both were attempting to read three letter word, and Mackenzie excelled and is now able to sound out simple four and five letter words. She is zooming through our home readers. Laura is learning using a combined phonetic and whole word approach, and is doing very well with her reading too. She can recognize words such as the, and, she, dog, and is trying to sound some three letter words out as well. She is excellent at paired reading and story telling. I am so proud of them both! They are taking Red Cross swim preschool lessons and are doing very well, and are taking Kindergym at a local club, and again, are doing a great job. They have already told me they would like to try soccer in the summer.

In November, the twins turned 5. We had family and a couple of friends over for a party at our house. It was an enjoyable day. Also in November, we had to declare our interest in positions at the new daycare, or interest in changing our current position in the old daycare. Since I knew that my position would not exist beyond the next few months, I proposed to the board that I be the cook, with certain scheduling conditions. They offered me the position, I accepted it and will be working as a full time cook/ECE relief staff at the beginning of the new year. What a huge change that will be.

That brings us up to Christmas, we still have baking to do, and presents to deliver.

This year, I will pick the girls up from Christmas with Daddy's family on Christmas Eve, take them to my parents home where we are staying the night and having Christmas morning. The girls will then be picked up for Christmas with Daddy (and others) mid afternoon, leaving us adults to nap, have dinner, and enjoy some quiet time. I think it is going to be one of the best Christmases in recent years.

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy New Year! All the best for 2010~!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

And the Darwin Award goes to....

I hate to say it, but this one goes to Miss Bean.

Today, when I picked up the girls, Miss Bean stuck her tongue out at me and it looked like a small piece was missing. Her mouth was a little bloody. The sitter explains that she was sticking her mouth on metal outside.

So, this is pretty normal kid stuff. However....

We are talking at dinner about what happened. She told me what metal, and then tells me three times. THREE TIMES! Miss Bean, what do you mean you did it three times? Didn't you think that after your mouth got stuck the first time, you should stop?
Nope, didn't hurt. was kinda fun.

But the third time I bleeded. It hurt lots, and hurts lots now.

Yep, my girl, the kid who stuck her mouth on dirty gross freezing metal three times, even after her mouth stuck the first two.

What exactly can you say to that?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things are pretty calm right now

I must say, the last few months have been nuts, as evidenced by the blog posts. They have been about everything.

Right now though, things are seeming rather calm. I realize this is the calm before the storm, as I have 2 1/2 weeks left until I work full time, as well as starting a new course that will take a lot of work.

But for now, I am enjoying having my Christmas shopping done, hanging with my girls, and not worrying about my budget (I am very fortunate to have received some financial good news which will allow me to be even better prepared for school next September).

Sorry, but it doesn't make for very interesting reading at the moment.

Hopefully I will have pics taken of the girls new dolls to share - those new additions I promised pictures of almost a month ago- and photos of our Christmas tree, and of course, the girls themselves.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Preparations

So, a couple of days ago, I explained how Christmas would work this year.

The girls are having Christmas with their paternal grandparents on Christmas Eve, I will pick them up from there, and we will go to my parents house, where we will do all of our Christmas Eve traditional stuff, and we will spend the night. Santa is coming to Grammy's house, and the girls and I will have Christmas morning with my parents.

The catch here - we are bringing my 80 lbs cat hating dog with us and my parents have a cat. The girls are aware that Diesel has this issue, and today, while Diesel was nudging us as read our book that teaches us about Santa and his magic, it talked about how Santa's magic works on dogs.

Mackenzie looked Diesel in the eye sternly, holding his face in her hands, and said " Okay, so you won't bark at Santa, now all you have to do is not eat the cat. Don't eat Grammy's cat." She proceeded to seek reassurance that Diesel would sleep in the bedroom with them with the door closed so that she wouldn't get up to find out he was bad.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coming Home Day

Today is a day that only a mother who has lived the life of the NICU can understand.

Today is coming home day, and it is as important to me as the day the girls were born.

Five years ago today, I packed them in their carseats, snapped them on the stroller, gathered all of our stuff, and signed the papers that said the girls could come home. Then Casey and I looked at each other and we ran with our babies for the nearest exit, scared that someone would notice something, or something would happen that would prevent us from finally leaving.

You see, when you spend most of your hours with your newborns in the NICU, you get to know the other parents, their babies, and their stories. We got to know one family, and were on first name basis with them, even sharing a pizza between feedings one night. Their going home day was 5 days before ours. They had spent two nights in the "care by parent" suite across the hall, and we said our goodbyes that morning. Then, as I was feeding both girls, in comes Baby J, mom (tearing up) and dad (looking devastated himself). Apparently when the nurse went to give them their paperwork, she noticed baby J was a little discoloured around the mouth. Turns out that day was not their going home day. They remained for a further three weeks - we saw each other in WalMart one very late night finishing our shopping.

So needless to say, we were worried that something would stop us from leaving too.

Nothing happened, we took the tunnel to the garage, packed the babes in the car, took pictures and headed on our way.

Today was the beginning of the rest of our lives. And I am more grateful for it than any other day there is.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So we put the tree up like, two weeks ago almost. BUT as of yesterday, if you look under my Christmas tree you will find a few wrapped presents. They are all for the girls of course, as I have decided to try very hard to have presents wrapped well ahead of time. Of course, I will hide the "santa" stuff and it will be wrapped with paper they never see - part of the magic I try to add.

I must say, I am rather proud of myself this year. I have but a few minor things to get between now and Christmas, and I will likely have those taken care of by the end of next week.

How have you been doing?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Again, on the upside of this change

I found out today that I will have benefits as soon as I start my full time position. Usually there is a 3 month waiting period, but the board of directors at my centre have opted to waive the waiting period, crediting me the year I have already worked for the centre. How awesome is that! Just in time for the meds I stockpiled while on benefits through the ex to run out.

Can I get a WOOT WOOT

Life is full of changes Pt 2

So, my blog post yesterday took a very negative tone about the job change I am facing in 5 weeks.

I want to clarify the positive reasons for taking the job, because it obviously isn't all bad and it obviously isn't all about giving up what I feel is a near perfect existence.

#1 I have a regular schedule and a regular pay cheque
#2 The extra income will be exactly that, EXTRA income. It will be put into my savings to pay for school starting in September, and the EXTRA will mean I should have enough saved specifically for school to pay for at least 1 1/2 semesters - possibly 2 if the loonie holds. This is a much better financial outlook than what I had predicted.
#3 Not only will I be able to pay cash for school longer, but I won't have to use money in my savings to pay for the fuel costs and possible hotel costs associated with it. Those will be able to be out of pocket instead.
#4 I will be done early enough in the day that I will regularly have 1-2 hours to do schoolwork, errands, workout, whatever I need/want to do until I have to pick up the kids.
#5 No other daycare has ever wanted to be this flexible for me, and I doubt many others would even consider this level of flexibility
#6 The people at Pladec are great, the families are awesome, and I DID NOT RELISH THE IDEA THAT I MIGHT HAVE TO LEAVE if none of the available jobs fit after the expansion
#7 The East end of Kingston is getting a much needed, off base, daycare that has extended hours and great programs and I love that I am involved in it somehow.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Life is full of changes AKA The BIG announcement

Yes, Chris, I stole your last blog posts title. Cause it works for me.

So, up until now, I have been living in the best of both worlds. My very flexible 3 part time jobs have allowed me to work and socialize with adults while still staying home with the girls - they go to school three days a week, so I've been home on their days off, and sometimes on their school days.

This life has been a struggle financially, and scheduling can be a nightmare if one gets sick and it is the ONE day that week I HAVE to work. But it has been utopian in the sense that I have been with my kids, having pj days, going to the zoo in the middle of the week, deciding at 10 am to go bike riding in Sydenham, exploring Lemoine's Point on the only sunny day all week. I am so thankful that I had the good sense to construct this fairytale existence for myself and the girls. But all good things must come to an end eventually.

So, life being full of changes, in the spring the daycare I work at announced it was expanding - building an entire new centre- for everyone this was great news, everyone except me that is.

I knew the moment the announcement was made that my part time existence at the centre would cease in one way or another as my position existed because of specific circumstances at the centre itself. I have spent the last few months agonizing over how to handle the situation when it occurred. One thing was obvious - I would not be able to take a regualr full time teaching position with the centre for two reasons: #1 the kids, their schedule, and the fact that it doesn't mesh with the daycare's expectations of a full time staff, #2 SCHOOL, like the big deal school, not the online stuff I've been doing to catch up. One night a week I would need to leave for Ottawa by 2pm at the latest - no way would that fly.

My choices; hope for a permanent part time that worked with the schedule we keep here, move on to another centre (or back to an agency I worked for), or.....wait.... I see a light..... what if I cooked?

The cook position at the old daycare centre could be done in about 30-32 hours per week. If I could just convince everyone that I could still be on schedule while starting later on school days, it might work. Just might.


Long story short, I applied for, was offered, and have accepted the full time cook position at my daycare. This will mean HUGE changes around here, as I still plan to keep my store job - every other weekend I work 12 hours- and my other part time job. I will also (hopefully they don't cancel it this time) be starting Canadian History in January. Then grad school/teacher's school in September.

How I am going to do it, I don't fully know yet, but I have lots of ideas. I already have been making use of the girls' one hour gymnastics lesson by studying in the parent room (and I'm not the only single mom doing that !). I will also have a 45 minute lunch break, and likely time after work before having to pick up the girlies, in which I will get groceries, study, SLEEP even. I think I can make this work, with the added support of my family, and close friends.

Stay tuned, I am sure to be posting more on this topic, as my first day, January 4 nears.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On floods and such

So, I'm watching the news yesterday, and they are covering the BC floods. I was so frustrated by the story that I tried to blog about it, and was too flustered to articulate myself properly.

Now I have calmed and had time to reflect and I have something to say.

#1. If you know an area floods regularly (and I don't mean every year, but has been a known flood plain within the last two decades) DON'T build your house there. Even the most undeveloped cultures in the world know this. Why is it, we, the most educated people on the planet cannot put 2 and 2 together and not build where the water flows? ( I am reminded here of Survivor 2 or 3 when one tribe built their camp in the path of a river overflow. First rainfall, swoosh, everything washed into the croc infested river)

#2. If you can't insure your house for the reason that it is built on a known flood plain, you should be shit out of luck. BUT did you know that in the case of these BC floods the government is giving the un insured flood plain dwellers 80% of the value of their losses? WTF. If the insurance tells you not to build there cause it'll flood, and you build there anyway, you shouldn't get the government paying you for your stupidity.

#3 If you have been told repeatedly that this house is on a known flood plain, and you can't insure it because it is on a floodplain, you don't deserve people being sympathetic about your loss. It's kinda like leaving the keys in your convertible on a busy downtown street, DUH, yo did it to yourself.

Frankly, after writing all of this, I am still disgusted with our society that feels sympathy for people who knowingly put themselves in the way of disaster, and then pays them for losing everything, despite the fact that multiple sources told them whatever they were doing was a bad idea.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Bomb

So, I had planned to make some job changes over the summer, because the girls would be in daycare full time, then going to big kid school in September, meaning that the full time daycare would be caring for them before and after school.

Well, due to the expansion of our daycare, there are lots of changes happening, and unfortunately they are happening much sooner than I had expected.

Basically, my cushy, comfortable part time position will not exist for much longer, and a full time position that will allow for school time, and the girls' schedule until June has come up. It's a position I have done before, in a different way, but it is a position that I like.

So, about 6 months ahead of schedule, right about when I hope to be starting my history course, I will likely be starting to work full time as a cook for the daycare, and remain part time at the store on the weekends.

So, here goes the end of an era, having the best of both worlds. The advantages of being at home with my girls, and the income of having 3 part time jobs.

Now its time to get down to business.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Makes no sense whatsoever, but seems to have worked

So, this morning I am walking down the three stairs to our entryway. My daughter is sitting to one side putting on her boots. I slip, doing the semi splits, knocking my daughter into the wall next to her, and the pain in my ankle is excruciating.

My daughter has a little knock on her noggin, but is fine, just really scared.

Oddly enough, the pain in my ankle began to subside within 2 minutes. This was very disconcerting. Normally, when I fall like this, it hurts for days. When I was 11 I injured my right ankle badly, and have re injured it frequently since. The most recent injury was Dec 27 last year, when I was sure I must have broken it finally, but severely sprained it, earning me 10 days on crutches. Since then, despite the best efforts of my chiropractor, it hasn't been right and I have had a lot of pain when working out or being on my feet for a long time.

Today, it seems, whatever happened last December was reversed. After the pain subsided, I stood up and oddly, felt like I was finally standing normally. While the soft tissues are sore, and there is bruising, the joints feel like they are where they should be, for the first time in 11 months.

Who'd a thunk falling down the stairs would fix the injury I received the last time I fell down the stairs?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sun Ceremony

So, the montessori tradition celebrates birthdays of children in the class in a very special way.

Its called the sun ceremony.

All the children gather in a circle, the sun is placed at the centre. The child (or in my case children) to be celebrated brings a picture of when they were born, their first birthday, second, and so on up to the last birthday they had. The child walks around the sun carrying the first picture, while the group sings a special song about the sun. This is done with each picture to represent each year of the child's life, each time the child has been around the sun. The final go round is without a picture, to represent the beginning of the next year of life.

The girls really love this ceremony, and tomorrow is their third, and last sun ceremony as they have been at Montessori three years now. How the time flies.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Breathing a huge sigh of relief.

So, in my life it seems that major events tend to lump themselves together, and while I take lots of time to prepare and schedule to make life as simple as possible, it can be exhausting.

This past weekend 3 major events took place. Keep in mind, normally my girls are with their dad on the weekends, but due to two of these major events, I had them home with me. My mom came early Saturday morning, with plans to take the girls out for breakfast and to get new pretty shoes for dressing up nice this holiday season. I headed out to write my three hour final exam for Children's Lit. While I was well prepared, I was not well rested, having fretted all night long about this final. It's the first exam I've taken since I graduated Trent. That was in 2002. I took almost all of my three hours and I know I passed. I left the dry exam room in agony despite the lovely executive chairs they have for us to sit in.

Then it was off to Amherstview to pick up the girls nut free Hannah Montana birthday cake.

I got home to find my mom folding laundry, my girls incredibly happy with their pretty shoes, and had the opportunity to quickly go get everything I needed for major event #3 before my mom went to meet my dad.

I took the time after my exam and before major event #2 to start cleaning and do some preparation for major event #3.

Major event #2 was my staff party at my boss' house. This is technically a three hour paid training in which we play with all the new machines and are educated about each product. Jean's an awesome boss who figures we all know what we're doing, and we all talk about the different products to each other when we find things out about them, so we went to his house, ate great food, and laughed and talked and had a great time. The girls came with me, and Jean's youngest daughter adopted them, and I barely saw them the whole time. She even sat with them to eat dinner, and helped them get more when they wanted more. This event was a nice relaxing time at the end of one very stressful day. We came home, the twins passed out immediately, and I wrapped presents for event #3.

Sunday morning was spent preparing for event #3, the twins 5th birhtday party. We had invited a family with two severe nut allergies. The game plan Sunday morning, lock all the nut containing stuff in a cupboard, and lysol everything within a three year olds reach. Then prepare the party food. The phone kept ringing, the girls were fighting and bugging and generally making things more difficult. But I had everything done before guests arrived, with a little help from mom who got the girls dressed and made up the food trays.

The girls really enjoyed their birthday party. Unfortunately our friends with the nut allergies didn't make it. All I can say is it feels great to be past the final exam in the most horrible course I have ever taken (that I couldn't drop), and the girls' birthday party cause that always takes a lot of preparation.

Tomorrow, pics of the two new additions to our family, Allison and Velia ages 20 months and 17 months respectively. The girls haven't left them alone since they opened them. They are getting them a year later than when I got my first one, but I couldn't find any that were the traditional ones last year in stores. As it was I had to buy these in July to make sure I had them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My plan for a dreary day.

Today started out really gorgeous, but the clouds are rolling in, and the air has a bit of a damp feeling to it. It looks just plain gloomy.

My plan to combat the gloom: Bake.

Pumpkin spice muffins - triple batch of course - maybe make a loaf and 24 muffins this time.
Chocolate Chip cookies - cause I am craving some.
If I can find any more grated zucchini, i am going to make chocolate zucchini bread too. But I think, alas, all the grated zucchini from my friends parents garden is gone.

I think I will also make some different cookie doughs to roll into small logs and freeze - peanut butter chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, and of course, the chocolate chip will be a double batch so I can freeze the better portion of it for later.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Questions, questions, questions.

So, if you've ever been separated you'll get what I'm talking about here

Family and close friends always ask the same questions whenever I see them.

"How are you doing with everything" (Are you falling apart, cause if so, I'd like some warning so I can take cover)

"Are you seeing anyone"
I once answered yes to this. I will not say yes to this again unless I am seriously seeing someone, and am ready to introduce him to everyone, cause wow, the damage answering yes did. Everyone wanted to know everything about the guy, we'd been on a total of two dates, one wasn't even a date until we talked about it afterward. For now my answer is NO. Who knows if it'll ever be yes.

"Are you going to have more kids/Do you want more kids?"
What's the right answer here. Let's face it, I don't know what I'm doing. I doubt I'll have more simply because I don't think I'll get that deeply involved with someone ever again, but let's face it, I can't predict the future. So far, I answer no, and get that's a shame, you always wanted lots. Yes, I wanted 3-4 kids, but is it realistic to do that now considering the time it would take to become that seriously involved with someone, and be in a long term stable relationship with them? Not really. I'd like to retire when its time, and I'd like the chance to travel with my girls to a couple of places before they're too old to enjoy it. There's a certain freedom that comes from having 5 year olds.

"How are things with HIM?"
Well, don't really want to get into it, we are civil, that's the end of it. Again, what is the right answer here?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So, I have a little habit. Its a little expensive by most people's standards, but its not harmful to my health, nor is it expensive as far as I am concerned compared to others' habits.

When I need a brain boost, I get a Starbucks Soy mocha, no whip. Usually its the biggest one I can get. No whip means no added calories that I don't really need, and the soy milk means I won't be wheezing a couple of hours later. Not to mention soy milk has huge health benefits and adds protein, which means I can drink my snack or meal instead of eating, which tends to get crumbs in the keyboard.

Like today, I was working on my final paper for the Children's lit course and needed something to boost my productivity. I got a Starbucks, came straight back home, and huge levels of inspiration ensued. What I thought would be two to three hours more work became a little more than one hour's worth.

When I was in Britain, every time we stopped for a rest break, I grabbed a Mocha, boy did I get lots of thinking done on those car rides.

I recently procured a free espresso machine. I had hoped to curb paying over $5 for my boost, but unfortunately the last time I attempted to steam some milk, it blew up. Perhaps I'll end up getting one next year after all the Christmas hoopla and winter expenses are over.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My New favourite recipe

Ok, so this was a complete experiment. It started with my desire to make some chili to freeze and eat throughout the next two months.

No Frills didn't have any small packs of ground beef, absolutely no ground pork, so I ended up with ground turkey.

When I came home from shopping, I started the onion,celery, garlic trinity. I like to put celery in chili and pasta sauces because its another vegetable that I can't stand to eat raw, and I love to count how many veggies we have in this or that. It ups my count, and I don't even notice its there.
I added the package of ground turkey, seasoned with a little salt and pepper. A can of whole tomotoes (I refuse to buy crushed as I have discovered skins in them many times - EW!) went in once the meat was browned, then a can of black beans (I just prefer them over Kidney beans), and mushrooms. Then, when I went to grab my big jar of chili powder, uh oh. Empty.

I then had three options - turn off the glorious looking mixture and get chili powder in the morning (girlies were sleeping), turn the mixture into pasta sauce (NO I WANT CHILI!), or be inventive.

A search of my spice cupboard produced still no chili powder, but a package of fajita seasoning. Hmmmmmm, that could be interesting.

I add the fajita mix and let it bubble. A quick survey of both freezers reveals I have no corn in hand, as it was becoming apparent this was a mexican style chili, and corn would definitely add to the flavours.

Next day for lunch I served TURKEY AND BLACK BEAN FAJITA CHILI with corn chips. Mine was garnished with sour cream and some chopped jalapenos from the pickle aisle. YUM OH

Even my four year olds ate it, and have asked when we are having the funny chili with chips again. I have to write this one down for our favourite family creations binder.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Children's Lit


One of my prerequisites for SUNY is Children's Lit. EEEWWW!

#1 I have a science degree, the last time I did an essay in MLA was, oh, say, High school.
#2 I have a science degree, I have never taken a course that is so abitrarily agree with me or parish
#3 I have A SCIENCE DEGREE I deal with facts, information, and breaking down facts so people without prior knowledge can understand them, not analyze a children's picture book and come up with a theme for the book that no child could ever possibly identify

Science furthers our knowledge, reading older tomes teaches us about the way we thought as a society at the time, again furthering our knowledge, picking apart books for young children to the point of making our discussion sound like the ones the English geeks used to have about Utpopia and Ulysses does nothing to make me a better person, smarter, or a better teacher. It just annoys me.

Okay, I've got it out of my system. Now its time to go pick apart Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The TRUE cost of this trip

So, I did some figuring in my head. I figure that if I had purchased a working updated copy of streets and trips, or the Ontario Map book, I would have saved a ton of money.

All in all, my extra driving cost about half a tank of fuel, probably a little more. That's about $25-$30 depending on gas prices.

Because I was lost leaving, I ended up stopping for food when I was REALLY hungry. (Jacks, my pumkin seeds were in the trunk). So instead of grabbing a little bit of deli meat, a little bit of deli cheese and a couple of fresh rolls to curb my hunger till I got home, I bought McDs breakfast.

Then, because I was tired, and a little fried from being lost in the middle of nowhere, I lock my keys in my car, costing me $20 and delaying me further.

Finally, I had planned to be home in tons of time to cook myself a decent supper, but due to delays, was again starving part of the way home. Trying to push myself because I was so late resulted in me feeling a little yuck, and realizing I needed to eat something now, I took the next exit. I needed something I could eat while driving, and my choices at this particular exit were McDs or Harveys. Well, I hate Harveys. So it was McDs again. CRAP.

So, instead of spending about $30 plus tax so I could find my way without internet, I ended up spending about and extra $80 to $100 thanks to my navigational mistakes and lack of a map.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time to get rid of the technology

Well, after relating all of the issues that I had on my trip, my mom suggested that I own a road map for Ontario. She didn't realize i didn't even own a basic one.

Well, I have the laptop, and until recently, I had a good copy of streets and trips installed that doesn't need a constant internet connection. Worked fine for me, until it became so outdated it wasn't worth it anymore.

After the stop at the Walmart north of Waterloo, and the free casual perusal of their Ontario map book, I am sold. I will be purchasing the book before my next trip.

Or maybe I'll just get a newer version of Streets and Trips?

Friday, October 9, 2009

How the HELL can I get lost coming HOME?!?!?!?

Having been brought back through Kitchener the day before, I was quite confident in my ability to find my way back to the 401 from Jackie and Derek's home. I head out as the fam heads to church. I feel great, refreshed, and excited to stop and see my Aunt and Uncle on the way home. There is an essay waiting to be written in Kingston, and any procrastination I can think of is welcome at this point.

Turns out I need not purposely procrastinate. I was about to waste a total of over 2 hours, and likely a quarter tank of fuel.

Leaving Kitchener I miss a key turn, forgetting that I have to access 7/8 from a different street. When you arrive in Kitch, you take this street directly. However, if I remember correctly, upon leaving, one must use Ottawa St. Damn. I continue on, ABSOLUTELY lost in what seems to be menonite country (or amish, I've never really paid attention to the specific group in that area), dodging horses and buggies heading to church.

Eventually, I find this WalMart in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. This is GREAT for two reasons. The first, WalMart has food, and I am getting hungry and require protein (though I must admit, I went to McDs and got a BLT instead of using their huge grocery dept). Second, all WalMarts have a book/magazine section complete with MAPS. While I seriously considered just buying the damned thing, I perused it and discovered I had come almost full circle. Turns out the little two lane highway here turns into the parkway I was looking for back in K-W. YAY! I am found.

I mosey on my way, thinking the gas guage is a little low, but I likely won't have to stop until Etobicoke.

Well, I look down at the guages around Milton. BIG RED LIGHT. How long have you been on, gas light? It doesn't answer me. I pull off at Milton, fill up, check the fragile gift in the trunk is still doing well, and attempt to get back in the car. CRAP, where are my keys. Oh, there they are, in the ignition. Good thing I got the spare key cut to put in my wallet before I left. But, wait, its still in my purse, I haven't stopped and put it in my wallet, and my purse is...... of course, on the passenger seat. Locked safely in my car with the only two keys for another 325 km.

The attendant calls Randy, who comes within 5 minutes, which I think is astounding on a Sunday morning. he just got a new easy wedge, he tells me, it should only take a minute or two. Turns out I give Randy a lesson on how to use, and fix the new easy wedge (the valve in the bulb was jammed), and he only charges me $20 for "use of his tools" and gas to come out. Nice guy. I figured I was out at least a hundred bucks for a Sunday call out in that area.

I figure every mini disaster that can happen is behind me. I head to Auntie's house, really late. I don't take the hwy 427 exit off the 401, because I once made this mistake and was forced to travel north and then come back. Turns out they've since changed this particular exit, just not the sign. I could have gone south, and essentially gone "home" to the area I spent the first 8 years of my life in, and known where I was. Instead, I take the Eglinton Ave exit. I know Eglinton crosses Kipling, not too far up, so its perfect. What I don't realize is that getting off the highway, I did two loops, instead of one. So instead of facing west on Eglinton, I am facing East. (the sun is not visible, so no visual cue as to the compass directions) I turn left, thinking I am heading south. I cross Rexdale, hmmmm, I didn't think Rexdale was this far south. That's weird. Then I find Steeles. F&$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You stupid idiot, you got lost coming home for crying out loud. I turn around, call my aunt to let her know I am not plastered on the highway somewhere, cause at this point I will be 2 1/2 hours late.

I have a great visit with my aunt. My uncle comes home part way through, and we chat too. I head on my way at 2:40, about the time I planned on being near home, and get abck to Kingston around 6.

What a freakin trip!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommies's Day Out

Okay, we had a great visit after my late arrival. Jackie suggested perhaps I might want to travel to a new city in the daylight next time. I suggested that said city might like to put up more signage.

The plan for the day became this
1. Pack everyone into separate vehicles - mommies and baby in car, daddy and all other children in the van.
2. Stop and see the project house that may hopefully one day belong to my dear friends.
3. Daddy and 3 oldest children head to grocery store, Mommies and baby head for Scholar's Choice (this is one of my all time favourite stores in Ontario! I will be a member once I am in my practical teaching practice)
4. Mommies and baby will head to Burlington IKEA - admittedly we don't know how to get there, we print directions. We chose Burlington over Etobicoke because it was about 10 minutes closer (BIG MISTAKE!) Daddy is taking oldest to bday party, then hanging with middle 2 children for the day. All of us to meet back for roast beef supper around 6pm.

The house is really nice, unfortunately, it is now locked as the electrical is being done, so no tour inside.

Scholars Choice was sooooooo much fun. I had to exercies soooooo much restraint.

Then, feed and change baby, on to IKEA. With Jackie reading directions, we found our way easily. We were in IKEA for hours. We started with lunch for us, then lunch for baby, who then allowed us to browse to our hearts content. I got a major Christmas gift taken care of, Jackie got everything she needed to plan her new cabinets, we each picked up a few bits and pieces. We had a great time. Then we looked at my watch. CRAP, we better motor.

While baby is being fed and prepped for the trip home, I pack the car. NOTE: the major Christmas present is highly breakable, and shifts easily in the car. I not only had to get it back to Jackie's house, but back across Toronto the next day in one piece.

We head on our way, our plan is to double back on ourselves. This DOES NOT WORK. I stupidly forget I am in one of the most confusing areas in Ontario - the point where the 403 and QEW split and go their separate ways. We need to go west, then north, so we head west. WRONG! Over the skyway in a very violent rain storm we go. We try to get turned around in Hamilton, which eats up quite awhile, and double back. This has lost us over half an hour, and miss baby is not impressed with my navigational skills.

We eventually manage to double back on ourselves, realizing that from this particular spot, we have to go east first in order to go west. Kind of like in the CARS movie, when Lightning is told sometimes you gotta turn right to go left. It makes no sense until you try it.

Dinner was a little late, but excellent, and we laughed at my poor navigation yet again. Miss Baby forgives me and lets me cuddle her and play with her, so all is not lost.

Tomorrow: How the HELL can I get lost coming HOME!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Driving on the 401

Okay, here comes a rant. A BIG RANT

It rained the entire time I was driving to Kitchener, it rained on the way to IKEA, it rained on the way back from IKEA, and then on the way back from Kitchener to Kingston. And it rained, and it rained and it rained.

Did anyone slow down? Nope. In fact, I was going fast, and I was one of the slowest vehicles on the highway. Grooved wet pavement? Who cares! Bumper to bumper traffic? Who cares!

It was absolutely freaking nuts.

I would slow down, and leave a little more space than I normally would if the roads were dry, and people would squeeze in. Then I would back away, feeling that not being able to see their tires touching pavement was too close in dry conditions, and waaaay too close with wet brakesOn the trip home, I was so fed up that when some jackass tried to squeeze over even though my front bumper was level with his rear doors, instead of letting him do it, I kept going, partially on the shoulder until he got the message and moved back to his own lane. Eventually he made his way around me and the five poeple in the left lane in front of me by passing illegally using an off ramp only to be stopped by the oh so friendly Coburg OPP :) That's what I call poetic justice.

Speaking of wet brakes, I am pretty sure that one of the things covered in driving school, and on the test to get your license is that when you have been driving in the rain without braking for awhile, you need to leave more space and brake sooner, since your brakes won't stop you as quickly. I mean, its not rocket science.

But there were all kinds of people in front of me braking and avoiding because they didn't clue in that it was wet outside. 3 times some larger than life vehicle behind me had to swerve sideways to keep from rear ending me - and that was just Friday night. I eventually settled in between two trucks and felt much better. They keep their distance, they slow down appropriately, and most importantly, the desperate housewives driving Escalades all tricked out and worth as much as my first house are SCARED of the big bad trucks. Any time I needed a break from all the last second braking, and squeezing a truck into a space the size of my car, I just tucked in and relaxed. (He he, I aslo saved fuel thanks to the drag the transports put on my tiny car).

The Longest Road Trip EVER!

So, I decided before the snow started to fly, and the high retail season started, I would make a trip that I have been promising to make for years. Kingston to Kitchener-Waterloo. I have never been to Kitchener, but I have a pretty good eye for road maps, and am an avid user of Google Maps.

So, google directions in hand, I drop the girls off in Napanee, and hit the open road. Full tank of fuel, a bottle of water, and voila, here we go. I stop halfway at my fav exit in Whitby. Theres just about everything you could want in this place - coffee, pizza, fries, subs, Wendy's, etc. Restroom break, and a huge coffee fortify me as I am about to head through my least favourite part of the 401 - the area between Hwy 400 and the 427, then on into indiscovered territory. You see, I realized as I was planning this trip that I have never been on the part of the 401 that extends past Hwy 410. Hmmmm, so weird. I have been west of Mississauga, but always on the 403 or the QEW. SHould be interesting, I think to myself.

Turns out it was boring, dark, and ended in an hour's extra driving. I get through Mississauga, even picking out the Credit River well before the sign. Oakville, Milton - oh that's where Milton is. Then I start seeing signs for Cambridge, which according to the picture I have in my head means I am getting close to Kitchener. The fog is setting in, its really dark now, and the entire trip there have been wind gusts and lots of rain.

At the rest stop I had checked the directions and knew the exit I was looking for. Apparently google doesn't know that things have changed since 10 years ago, and the exit was named improperly in the directions. I miss it, I continue, not realizing I am about to become lost. I drive, and end up part way to Woodstock, realizing I have missed something. I turn and go back. The fog is getting really thick, so signs are getting hard to see. On the way back through the area where I know my exit is, boom, there it is, named what google names it. (the other direction has a different name and there are 2 exit 278, google didn't specifiy which one I needed A or B).

There, I'm in Kitchener, this shouldn't be too bad now. Wait, I'm pretty sure the exit I'm looking for doesn't exist again. Yep, that's right Sportsfans, my beloved Google has now failed me twice. I cannot find the road I am supposed to take, I cannot view the map cause I can't pick up a wireless signal, I am lost.

Then a glimmer of hope, in my driving I find Victoria St. That's the street right before Jackie's place. YES I have found my way. I drive, and I drive, and I drive. 20 minutes later, I pick up the cell phone and dial. I SURRENDER I AM LOST. I tell Jackie who relays to Derek where I am who tells me not to worry, I am close. Very close. Like 5 blocks away. I continue on, finding their street, but can't read the street numbers. I drive all the way to the end, turn around and come back. I see lots of light on someone's front porch, I hope its theirs. I pull in, and am next door at the neighbours. I apologize and move one driveway over. Finally, after being in Kitchener for an hour, I have arrived.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


So, after sitting, unwinding, and reflecting on this summer, it is time to face reality.

There are quite a few things I need to get done with less than a year before I start my teaching degree. I just watched The Pursuit of Happyness, which reminded me how bad things could have been for me when the split happened, and how bad things could still get if I am not careful and mindful of the possibilities.

I need to research any possible scholarships and bursaries that I could qualify for.
I need to anticipate financial roadblocks and how to get around them
I need to assess what can be cut if needed and what we can do without for a couple of years
I need to knock out as much of my credit card debt as possible, for two reasons - the first being that I'll have more cash flow if I'm not making payments on them, the second being that if I have to, I will use them for tuition and books as an absolute last resort.

That's the medium term stuff I have to worry about. There is also a list of short term stuff that needs to be sorted out or taken care of in the immediate future. Like fall cleaning, reorganizing the storage area in the basement now that the sale is done, starting the next assignment for children's lit, and finalizing what i am getting everyone for Christmas. I need to start making Christmas cards and get some photos taken so I am ready to send stuff overseas. I need to start wrapping everything before the kids come across it, as there have been a few close calls. I guess I better get a pen and paper and write this down before I forget some of this.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wow, its been almost a month

So. A month (almost). Well, its been busy. VERY BUSY

Leading up to Labour Day weekend, I worked something like 8 straight, 1 off, 12 straight.
Then I had one day off on the Sunday, worked Labour Day and Tuesday after Labour Day, then the kids started school. Things were supposed to immediately slow down, however, I had to write my first essay for my lit course. Wow, that was time consuming. I had forgotten. ANd I had to fight with the instructor regarding 2 pieces of an assignment she claimed I never handed in.

This week has been all about getting ready for the local thrift sale. You pay $20, get a vendor #, and you get to keep 100% of all the stuff you sell. They help you set it out, they take it all down and sort it for you, and help you carry it out if it didn't sell. It's well worth it if you have a van load of stuff you want to sell to people.

When I picked up my stuff, it looked like I had sold about $90 give or take. AWESOME!

Now, it is Saturday, the first day of the first weekend I have had off in many weeks. It's been long enough I don't know what the last weekend I had off was.

I am sitting on my heiny. I am doing nothing. I am watching TV, and later I am going to a friends house to watch movies.

Tomorrow, I need to start Fall cleaning, and definitely need to get the air conditioners out of the windows as it has been close to freezing around here at night. But for now, I sit, and I enjoy peace, quiet, and the chance to unwind after 6 weeks of craziness.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, I have been neglecting the blog lately. The reason for this has been that a) I have been busy every night until close to time to go to bed b) I had my first children's lit assignment due. Now that assignment is handed in and I have had a day mostly off, so I can think about other things.

Things like the next room I am going to purge - my room or the living room?- in the process started by a simple desire to paint one bedroom.

Or all the new scrapbooking stuff I have that I cant wait to get using, on top of the card making stuff I have so I can start on the busy season's cards - Christmas of course, but there are also a bunch of birthdays in there.

I am still busy, technically speaking, I am working 13 days straight. Then I have 2 off. I need to find something to do with my girls on those 2 days off - like maybe the zoo?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

36 hours +/- to go

So the girls come home tomorrow night. I still need to wash their bedding, and sort out their clothing and stuffed animals so they each have the appropriate ones in their respective rooms. They won't be home until Monday night, and they will likely be quite tired, otherwise I would wait and let them help to sort their belongings and put things away. I also should try to vacuum the whole house, since I have neglected the downstairs the entire week.

I am also now contemplating heading to the zoo (Toronto) on Tuesday, which would make for a rather busy couple of days. I haven't decided completely yet though, as I may wait and do Toronto in a few weeks when it isn't so hot out, and go to Peterborough on Tuesday instead, since they have a great little zoo with a water park and a little train and I can take all our own food, etc.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shhh, Santa's been busy

So my twins' birthday is 6 weeks before Christmas. My moms is a week before, mine is a week after. There are a few others' birthdays that occur in that 8 week time frame as well.

So I started a couple of years ago planning as far ahead as possible, and picking things up on sale as I saw them - books and DVDs especially. We love movies and stories in our house. This year, I have outdone myself. I have the twins' birthday completely done - and outfit each, a cabbage patch limited edition that they begged me to get when they saw them and a couple of other things. Then I have Christmas done except for: the new in car dvd system - it will be in stock soon and on for $99 so I'll pick it up then, and a few more stocking stuffers.

What makes this year unique is that not only have I completed my kids gifts and its only August, but I have my brother's gift on order, it will arrive later this week, and I am picking up bits and pieces for my mom here and there - she wants new sets of stemware as she currently has a mish mash of glasses and stemware, and not enough of a specific type. The only major person left is my dad. Neither my brother or I can figure him out. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm sure something will be on sale and catch my eye for him:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check, check, check

So, that to do list for when the kids left for their dad's? I got a head start. The girls were excited to help start the process, so they moved books, stripped beds, and did whatever else they could since it was a rainy day here on Sunday.

BUT I added to the to do list in the process. I decided that since I have wanted to paint my bedroom since we moved into this house, I would do that too. What better way to use the time whilst the other room dries in between coats?

So, I have slept in the living room since Sunday, and tonight I am back in my freshly painted, beautiful bedroom. Bugaboos room is done and furnished as well. I just need to hang her night light and hang Bean's night light. I have to say I honestly can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. Maybe I'll decide to work on choosing a colour for the hall, stairway, living room, and entry since I've now painted everything else that needed/warranted a coat of paint except the main areas of my home.

All that is left is a major sort and clean out of each bedroom, which is normally on the to do list for this time of year since school will be starting soon. Then its get the rest of my stuff out of my Dad's storage.

Now to await the exciting arrival home of the twins to their very own bedrooms. This should be interesting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


So, the twins go to their dad's house tomorrow night for almost 9 days.

This of course means that although I am working every day that they are gone, I will have time to do things, many things - hopefully.

The top of the list is to repaint the spare room for Twin B to move into (cousin note: when we named the girls, we accidentally named them in alphabetical order to their birth order and Twin A is the one who came first, how does that work). And of course rearrange lots of furniture.

I doubt very much that Bugaboo, (Twin B) will end up in her sister's room. Once she is asleep, she is out, and she is like me, when she makes up her mind, she is set and determined. And if that does happen, that's okay. She'll still benefit from having her own private space, as will Little Bean (Twin A).

This project has meant that some furnishings are being moved to my room, and some things are being moved out to Grammy and Grandads extra room (they are empty nesters now, so they have lots of rooms). I also need to go to the family storage locker and clear out whatever I can, including a piece of furniture that I now need for my room.

Then, I still have the storage room to clean up cause I've let it get away from me again. And the kitchen chairs to fix, the chest freezer to go through and clean out, kitchen drawers to rummage and de clutter, menu planning for the rest of the month so groceries will be easier with all the busyness, back to school shopping lists to write - including two new pairs of running shoes per twin, and then there's all the prep to be done for fall (seeing what warm clothes we have, what we need, Little Bean has finally outgrown size 4).

I have a get together to attend on Wednesday after work, really need to catch up with a couple of old friends, oh, and the backyard needs tidying and weeding, as does the front, replace the front light bulb, I could go on and on and on.

And don't forget, I have only 10 more days until my first assignment is due for Children's Lit, and less than a month now until the first 1000 word essay.

Whew, I know I am overwhelemed after cataloguing all of that - how about you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A mommy moment

Tonight at dinner, the twins were talking about having their own rooms at their dad's house. This is apparently very exciting stuff! So I asked if they would like their own rooms here, and twin B stated she would like to sleep in Grammas room. She likes that room a lot. Twin A answered that that was great, cause she loves her pink room and wants bunk beds when Twin B moves out.

I guess its settled. I have some painting to do, we're working on what colour right now, and some rearranging of certain items I have bought in advance for Christmas that are hidden in that room's closet.

And the bunk bed idea (which their twin beds turn into, so we already have a set) means that Twin B can easily be moved in with her sister when company stays.

I'm feeling that same feeling I felt the first time they slept in the other room, the first night in separate cribs, and the first night in big girl beds. Its one of those nights for a glass of wine and a little cry over how quickly they aren't babies anymore. 4 1/2 seems so old and at the same time, not that old at all.

Feeling a little panicked

So, I accessed the next course I need to take. Wow. I've got all the important stuff printed, as well as all the assignments, discussions, and the major essay outlines. Then I printed all 10 lectures. They aren't overly long, I can digest them in less than half an hour. The content is dull at best, but I can get through it, its not the hardest stuff I've had to master.

Here's the problem causing me panic: this course has a very rigid schedule, with one full letter grade deducted if you miss the post deadline. Also, you only have 48 hours to write an intelligent, cited response to 2 other people's discussion posts. Not to mention three essays - 2 1000 word puupies and the major 2000 word sucker. Do any of you remember the feeling when you arrived at your first university course and saw all the work, week by week that you would have to complete? I am very quickly recalling the pit in my stomach. I was very spoiled by Linda's Office course. Go at your own pace, try to do 2 -3 assignments a week, and email me if you have any questionsm the exam is ready when you feel you're done. That one I did in 21 days. This one I'll be taking the full 4 months, thank you very much.

One other thing, this course requires papers to be cited in the MLA style. I never thought about checking to see what documentation style they would want. I am a science major, so my experience with documentation has always been APA. Crap! Now I need to get my hands on my old Notes of the Preparation of Essays in the Arts and Sciences. A great handbook that showed how to document in both styles, and gave pointers on format and general style. Where is it?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gosh, I'm already behind

So, I have been really busy this week and things are about to get MUCH busier. In order to cope with this I am going to be cooking and baking tomorrow to hopefully get myself through to the start of school (which for me, since my children attend an alternative school still, will be AFTER labour day) just in time to do it all over again for school lunches, etc.

Here are some of the sites I love to get make ahead recipes from

I love this concept, and plan to initiate my own low cost dinner plan - I just haven't decided on the exact price yet. And I don't know that I'll be as exact as Erin is (she knows how much 2tbsp of flour is).

Erin ( links to many of their recipes, and I love the idea of cooking half my months meals in one day, and then reheating them.

I also am a magazine addict. I get Canadian Living, Chatelaine and Today's Parent which give me great ideas.

My final source is Rachel Ray. She cooks on the spot, and is waistline conscious. I never would have ever thought to use chicken stock in my mac and cheese to lighten it up without losing flavour. She also had a great guest on the show once that gave me great ideas about adding veggies to dishes without being able to tell.

So for now, I sign off, with the promise of posting all about my cooking/baking blitz and some of the recipes I use.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's for dinner?

This question is always on my mind. Especially on days when I work until 4:30 or later. That means what's for dinner has to be defrosted by the time I get home, or I have to come up with something not involving the various stocks of beef, pork, and chicken I keep in the freezer.

While I love take out, its just too expensive.

I'm pretty sure I took out some pork tenderloin cuts this morning (gosh, I hope I did). If that's the case its probably going to be some kind of a pork and rice dish. The challenge: I haven't got any peppers or other fresh veg in the fridge to stir fry into the rice to make it interesting. Well, I guess its time to scope out a couple of my favourtie cooking blogs to see if I can find any ideas with my limited supplies.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it September Yet?

Is it September yet? here's why I ask:

Many of the people I know that haven't known me since before I had kids call me CRAZY. They don't realize that I have actually slowed down some since having them.

I like to be busy. I actually get more done when I have a full schedule than when I have a light schedule. So here's what my schedule is like now:

I work 3 jobs. One every Monday, and i can pick up shifts Tues-Fri when they become available, the second is in a retail store, and that's every other weekend, every other Wednesday, and extra shifts when the boss is away. The third is a work from home deal for a family friend doing admin stuff. Its flexible but I need to check email everyday and respond.

Right now, with summer vacation season upon us, I AM BUSY, because everyone wants to be on vaca. This week, from Monday through to Sunday evening, I am working the store everyday (yes, the weekend as well, cause its my regular weekend). Then I am off Monday because the daycare is closed, work Wednesday and Saturday at the store. As of Saturday, I will work the next 30 with 5 days off total. The sucky part of this is that my first day off in this cycle is Sunday. It doesn't really seem to count.

Keep in mind I have 4 1/2 year old twins who are very active, very busy, and take up a lot of time. They are spending extra time with their dad this summer which means shuttling them to his place 1/2 an hour away, and them coming at weird times on weird nights. During school, this is home to mom Sunday, off to Dad's Friday night. I REALLY miss this routine.

And if that wasn't enough for me, I have just started the process of getting my teaching certificate. This means that during my week where I am almost off (next week) I am starting a Children's Lit course which I have 4 months to complete. I just finished an MS Office 2007 course, and will write the exam Saturday night after work so that its done and out of the way.

Did I mention i like to be busy? I don't think I meant this busy. DEFINITELY not.

All in all, I should be mush by labour day weekend and my house will likely need some major attention to detail.

I've decided to let out my inner Blog Monster

Alright. I have become frustrated with the whole answering the same question on facebook multiple times. That and the fact that every time I update my status, the last one disappears.

I have too much that I want to share about me, my life as a mom of twins, my new(ish) life as a single mom (these things are not mutually exclusive, but each designation carries different meaning), how I manage three part time jobs, a social life (HA), and finances (cause everyone keeps asking) and the things I like to do.

I blame Leslie (she'll hopefully become a follower). She introduced me to her blog, and from that I ended up on her husband's blog about sailing the family boat, and now I am up to at least 4 blogs that I follow religiously. Cous, you have created a monster and it is about to unleash itself on the world. Here goes.