Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Preparations

So, a couple of days ago, I explained how Christmas would work this year.

The girls are having Christmas with their paternal grandparents on Christmas Eve, I will pick them up from there, and we will go to my parents house, where we will do all of our Christmas Eve traditional stuff, and we will spend the night. Santa is coming to Grammy's house, and the girls and I will have Christmas morning with my parents.

The catch here - we are bringing my 80 lbs cat hating dog with us and my parents have a cat. The girls are aware that Diesel has this issue, and today, while Diesel was nudging us as read our book that teaches us about Santa and his magic, it talked about how Santa's magic works on dogs.

Mackenzie looked Diesel in the eye sternly, holding his face in her hands, and said " Okay, so you won't bark at Santa, now all you have to do is not eat the cat. Don't eat Grammy's cat." She proceeded to seek reassurance that Diesel would sleep in the bedroom with them with the door closed so that she wouldn't get up to find out he was bad.

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