This school thing that I am doing.

Update:  2012 School Schedule

 Yes, I realize I haven't posted in forever. The Fall semester was extremely difficult for many reasons.

Here is what my schooling looks like for the next few months:

Starting Jan 6 I have Research in Education on Thursday nights with my favourite instructor.

At the end of February I start Integrating the Arts, back to Tuesday nights BLECK!

I get the month of May off (almost completely)

Then three weekends over May/June I have Special Education - Friday nights and Saturdays. Hoping someone in Ottawa will adopt me for those three Friday nights.

Finallly, finally, finally ! July I have Science methodology Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is my last official class in Ottawa. After I finish this one, its all placement which will be done in Kingston and placement seminar which will take place in Ottawa.

I can see the end of the hardest part coming!

Many many people keep asking about what I am taking at school. And many keep asking how its going.

I don't like repetition, so I decided I would create a blog page regarding "this school thing" and what it is all about.

My life's dream, my biggest wish, my soul's desire has been to become an elementary school teacher since I was around the age of eleven. At the end of high school, I was declined for concurrent education. I went on to complete a science degree at Trent in Psychology, and focused as much as possible on child development and educational psychology.

At the end of my degree I applied for consecutive education, this time I was wait listed. I was so close, but I wasn't playing horse shoes.

One very dark, dismal, winter day when I was sitting alone at home with little to look forward to and little to inspire me, I began web surfing. I started at Trent, checking out the new Emphasis on Education program that began after I graduated. I then progressed to Queens, and then I checked out the Ontario College of Teachers. I found a list of all the Faculties of Education that were offering approved part - time Teacher Education programs in Ontario.

Trent was on the list, and the program looked great, 2 years instead of 1, but I wasn't sure about it. I'd been to Trent, suicide capital among universities in its hey day, movie set for a really really bad sequel, and full of hippies. Great place, perfect for my undergrad, but I didn't want to go back.

Then I hit on it. State University of New York offered a program in Ottawa that was a Master's level in the states. Apparently it doesn't meet all of the Master's level requirements here, but the point is, its an amazing program, taught in Canada.

I went to an information session,