Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its been a long time coming.....

Wow, it seems that I blog in spurts. Because I certainly haven't been on here in awhile.

Today, as I sit under a blanket with the patio door wide open enjoying my morning coffee, the headlines are all about Jack Layton.

Yesterday, a man who made history lost his battle with cancer.

The general feeling on Facebook from my friends is this is a great loss to Canadian politics. I would have to agree. While I don't hold with the NDP, Layton has brought a new vibe to the stagnating, ever the same, political scene in Canada. Since 1867, it has always been the either the Liberal (or whatever incarnation of them at the time) party in power with the Conservatives (or whatever incarnation of them) as opposition, or vice versa. It makes for a dull dance back and forth with the same arguments and the same kind of people shouting at each other.

I was really looking forward to watching the political scene this fall, but now I think that without Layton some of the excitement will be dulled.

I'll never forget when he looked at Stephen Harper and said "Why do you have the worst attendance record in parliament? Most people who don't show up to work don't get a promotion!" (quote is not exact). Now that made for great politics.