Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life is full of changes Pt 2

So, my blog post yesterday took a very negative tone about the job change I am facing in 5 weeks.

I want to clarify the positive reasons for taking the job, because it obviously isn't all bad and it obviously isn't all about giving up what I feel is a near perfect existence.

#1 I have a regular schedule and a regular pay cheque
#2 The extra income will be exactly that, EXTRA income. It will be put into my savings to pay for school starting in September, and the EXTRA will mean I should have enough saved specifically for school to pay for at least 1 1/2 semesters - possibly 2 if the loonie holds. This is a much better financial outlook than what I had predicted.
#3 Not only will I be able to pay cash for school longer, but I won't have to use money in my savings to pay for the fuel costs and possible hotel costs associated with it. Those will be able to be out of pocket instead.
#4 I will be done early enough in the day that I will regularly have 1-2 hours to do schoolwork, errands, workout, whatever I need/want to do until I have to pick up the kids.
#5 No other daycare has ever wanted to be this flexible for me, and I doubt many others would even consider this level of flexibility
#6 The people at Pladec are great, the families are awesome, and I DID NOT RELISH THE IDEA THAT I MIGHT HAVE TO LEAVE if none of the available jobs fit after the expansion
#7 The East end of Kingston is getting a much needed, off base, daycare that has extended hours and great programs and I love that I am involved in it somehow.

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