Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommies's Day Out

Okay, we had a great visit after my late arrival. Jackie suggested perhaps I might want to travel to a new city in the daylight next time. I suggested that said city might like to put up more signage.

The plan for the day became this
1. Pack everyone into separate vehicles - mommies and baby in car, daddy and all other children in the van.
2. Stop and see the project house that may hopefully one day belong to my dear friends.
3. Daddy and 3 oldest children head to grocery store, Mommies and baby head for Scholar's Choice (this is one of my all time favourite stores in Ontario! I will be a member once I am in my practical teaching practice)
4. Mommies and baby will head to Burlington IKEA - admittedly we don't know how to get there, we print directions. We chose Burlington over Etobicoke because it was about 10 minutes closer (BIG MISTAKE!) Daddy is taking oldest to bday party, then hanging with middle 2 children for the day. All of us to meet back for roast beef supper around 6pm.

The house is really nice, unfortunately, it is now locked as the electrical is being done, so no tour inside.

Scholars Choice was sooooooo much fun. I had to exercies soooooo much restraint.

Then, feed and change baby, on to IKEA. With Jackie reading directions, we found our way easily. We were in IKEA for hours. We started with lunch for us, then lunch for baby, who then allowed us to browse to our hearts content. I got a major Christmas gift taken care of, Jackie got everything she needed to plan her new cabinets, we each picked up a few bits and pieces. We had a great time. Then we looked at my watch. CRAP, we better motor.

While baby is being fed and prepped for the trip home, I pack the car. NOTE: the major Christmas present is highly breakable, and shifts easily in the car. I not only had to get it back to Jackie's house, but back across Toronto the next day in one piece.

We head on our way, our plan is to double back on ourselves. This DOES NOT WORK. I stupidly forget I am in one of the most confusing areas in Ontario - the point where the 403 and QEW split and go their separate ways. We need to go west, then north, so we head west. WRONG! Over the skyway in a very violent rain storm we go. We try to get turned around in Hamilton, which eats up quite awhile, and double back. This has lost us over half an hour, and miss baby is not impressed with my navigational skills.

We eventually manage to double back on ourselves, realizing that from this particular spot, we have to go east first in order to go west. Kind of like in the CARS movie, when Lightning is told sometimes you gotta turn right to go left. It makes no sense until you try it.

Dinner was a little late, but excellent, and we laughed at my poor navigation yet again. Miss Baby forgives me and lets me cuddle her and play with her, so all is not lost.

Tomorrow: How the HELL can I get lost coming HOME!

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