Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So, I have a little habit. Its a little expensive by most people's standards, but its not harmful to my health, nor is it expensive as far as I am concerned compared to others' habits.

When I need a brain boost, I get a Starbucks Soy mocha, no whip. Usually its the biggest one I can get. No whip means no added calories that I don't really need, and the soy milk means I won't be wheezing a couple of hours later. Not to mention soy milk has huge health benefits and adds protein, which means I can drink my snack or meal instead of eating, which tends to get crumbs in the keyboard.

Like today, I was working on my final paper for the Children's lit course and needed something to boost my productivity. I got a Starbucks, came straight back home, and huge levels of inspiration ensued. What I thought would be two to three hours more work became a little more than one hour's worth.

When I was in Britain, every time we stopped for a rest break, I grabbed a Mocha, boy did I get lots of thinking done on those car rides.

I recently procured a free espresso machine. I had hoped to curb paying over $5 for my boost, but unfortunately the last time I attempted to steam some milk, it blew up. Perhaps I'll end up getting one next year after all the Christmas hoopla and winter expenses are over.

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