Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Driving on the 401

Okay, here comes a rant. A BIG RANT

It rained the entire time I was driving to Kitchener, it rained on the way to IKEA, it rained on the way back from IKEA, and then on the way back from Kitchener to Kingston. And it rained, and it rained and it rained.

Did anyone slow down? Nope. In fact, I was going fast, and I was one of the slowest vehicles on the highway. Grooved wet pavement? Who cares! Bumper to bumper traffic? Who cares!

It was absolutely freaking nuts.

I would slow down, and leave a little more space than I normally would if the roads were dry, and people would squeeze in. Then I would back away, feeling that not being able to see their tires touching pavement was too close in dry conditions, and waaaay too close with wet brakesOn the trip home, I was so fed up that when some jackass tried to squeeze over even though my front bumper was level with his rear doors, instead of letting him do it, I kept going, partially on the shoulder until he got the message and moved back to his own lane. Eventually he made his way around me and the five poeple in the left lane in front of me by passing illegally using an off ramp only to be stopped by the oh so friendly Coburg OPP :) That's what I call poetic justice.

Speaking of wet brakes, I am pretty sure that one of the things covered in driving school, and on the test to get your license is that when you have been driving in the rain without braking for awhile, you need to leave more space and brake sooner, since your brakes won't stop you as quickly. I mean, its not rocket science.

But there were all kinds of people in front of me braking and avoiding because they didn't clue in that it was wet outside. 3 times some larger than life vehicle behind me had to swerve sideways to keep from rear ending me - and that was just Friday night. I eventually settled in between two trucks and felt much better. They keep their distance, they slow down appropriately, and most importantly, the desperate housewives driving Escalades all tricked out and worth as much as my first house are SCARED of the big bad trucks. Any time I needed a break from all the last second braking, and squeezing a truck into a space the size of my car, I just tucked in and relaxed. (He he, I aslo saved fuel thanks to the drag the transports put on my tiny car).

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