Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Longest Road Trip EVER!

So, I decided before the snow started to fly, and the high retail season started, I would make a trip that I have been promising to make for years. Kingston to Kitchener-Waterloo. I have never been to Kitchener, but I have a pretty good eye for road maps, and am an avid user of Google Maps.

So, google directions in hand, I drop the girls off in Napanee, and hit the open road. Full tank of fuel, a bottle of water, and voila, here we go. I stop halfway at my fav exit in Whitby. Theres just about everything you could want in this place - coffee, pizza, fries, subs, Wendy's, etc. Restroom break, and a huge coffee fortify me as I am about to head through my least favourite part of the 401 - the area between Hwy 400 and the 427, then on into indiscovered territory. You see, I realized as I was planning this trip that I have never been on the part of the 401 that extends past Hwy 410. Hmmmm, so weird. I have been west of Mississauga, but always on the 403 or the QEW. SHould be interesting, I think to myself.

Turns out it was boring, dark, and ended in an hour's extra driving. I get through Mississauga, even picking out the Credit River well before the sign. Oakville, Milton - oh that's where Milton is. Then I start seeing signs for Cambridge, which according to the picture I have in my head means I am getting close to Kitchener. The fog is setting in, its really dark now, and the entire trip there have been wind gusts and lots of rain.

At the rest stop I had checked the directions and knew the exit I was looking for. Apparently google doesn't know that things have changed since 10 years ago, and the exit was named improperly in the directions. I miss it, I continue, not realizing I am about to become lost. I drive, and end up part way to Woodstock, realizing I have missed something. I turn and go back. The fog is getting really thick, so signs are getting hard to see. On the way back through the area where I know my exit is, boom, there it is, named what google names it. (the other direction has a different name and there are 2 exit 278, google didn't specifiy which one I needed A or B).

There, I'm in Kitchener, this shouldn't be too bad now. Wait, I'm pretty sure the exit I'm looking for doesn't exist again. Yep, that's right Sportsfans, my beloved Google has now failed me twice. I cannot find the road I am supposed to take, I cannot view the map cause I can't pick up a wireless signal, I am lost.

Then a glimmer of hope, in my driving I find Victoria St. That's the street right before Jackie's place. YES I have found my way. I drive, and I drive, and I drive. 20 minutes later, I pick up the cell phone and dial. I SURRENDER I AM LOST. I tell Jackie who relays to Derek where I am who tells me not to worry, I am close. Very close. Like 5 blocks away. I continue on, finding their street, but can't read the street numbers. I drive all the way to the end, turn around and come back. I see lots of light on someone's front porch, I hope its theirs. I pull in, and am next door at the neighbours. I apologize and move one driveway over. Finally, after being in Kitchener for an hour, I have arrived.

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