Monday, October 19, 2009

My New favourite recipe

Ok, so this was a complete experiment. It started with my desire to make some chili to freeze and eat throughout the next two months.

No Frills didn't have any small packs of ground beef, absolutely no ground pork, so I ended up with ground turkey.

When I came home from shopping, I started the onion,celery, garlic trinity. I like to put celery in chili and pasta sauces because its another vegetable that I can't stand to eat raw, and I love to count how many veggies we have in this or that. It ups my count, and I don't even notice its there.
I added the package of ground turkey, seasoned with a little salt and pepper. A can of whole tomotoes (I refuse to buy crushed as I have discovered skins in them many times - EW!) went in once the meat was browned, then a can of black beans (I just prefer them over Kidney beans), and mushrooms. Then, when I went to grab my big jar of chili powder, uh oh. Empty.

I then had three options - turn off the glorious looking mixture and get chili powder in the morning (girlies were sleeping), turn the mixture into pasta sauce (NO I WANT CHILI!), or be inventive.

A search of my spice cupboard produced still no chili powder, but a package of fajita seasoning. Hmmmmmm, that could be interesting.

I add the fajita mix and let it bubble. A quick survey of both freezers reveals I have no corn in hand, as it was becoming apparent this was a mexican style chili, and corn would definitely add to the flavours.

Next day for lunch I served TURKEY AND BLACK BEAN FAJITA CHILI with corn chips. Mine was garnished with sour cream and some chopped jalapenos from the pickle aisle. YUM OH

Even my four year olds ate it, and have asked when we are having the funny chili with chips again. I have to write this one down for our favourite family creations binder.

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