Sunday, October 11, 2009

The TRUE cost of this trip

So, I did some figuring in my head. I figure that if I had purchased a working updated copy of streets and trips, or the Ontario Map book, I would have saved a ton of money.

All in all, my extra driving cost about half a tank of fuel, probably a little more. That's about $25-$30 depending on gas prices.

Because I was lost leaving, I ended up stopping for food when I was REALLY hungry. (Jacks, my pumkin seeds were in the trunk). So instead of grabbing a little bit of deli meat, a little bit of deli cheese and a couple of fresh rolls to curb my hunger till I got home, I bought McDs breakfast.

Then, because I was tired, and a little fried from being lost in the middle of nowhere, I lock my keys in my car, costing me $20 and delaying me further.

Finally, I had planned to be home in tons of time to cook myself a decent supper, but due to delays, was again starving part of the way home. Trying to push myself because I was so late resulted in me feeling a little yuck, and realizing I needed to eat something now, I took the next exit. I needed something I could eat while driving, and my choices at this particular exit were McDs or Harveys. Well, I hate Harveys. So it was McDs again. CRAP.

So, instead of spending about $30 plus tax so I could find my way without internet, I ended up spending about and extra $80 to $100 thanks to my navigational mistakes and lack of a map.

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