Sunday, September 20, 2009


So, after sitting, unwinding, and reflecting on this summer, it is time to face reality.

There are quite a few things I need to get done with less than a year before I start my teaching degree. I just watched The Pursuit of Happyness, which reminded me how bad things could have been for me when the split happened, and how bad things could still get if I am not careful and mindful of the possibilities.

I need to research any possible scholarships and bursaries that I could qualify for.
I need to anticipate financial roadblocks and how to get around them
I need to assess what can be cut if needed and what we can do without for a couple of years
I need to knock out as much of my credit card debt as possible, for two reasons - the first being that I'll have more cash flow if I'm not making payments on them, the second being that if I have to, I will use them for tuition and books as an absolute last resort.

That's the medium term stuff I have to worry about. There is also a list of short term stuff that needs to be sorted out or taken care of in the immediate future. Like fall cleaning, reorganizing the storage area in the basement now that the sale is done, starting the next assignment for children's lit, and finalizing what i am getting everyone for Christmas. I need to start making Christmas cards and get some photos taken so I am ready to send stuff overseas. I need to start wrapping everything before the kids come across it, as there have been a few close calls. I guess I better get a pen and paper and write this down before I forget some of this.

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