Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wow, its been almost a month

So. A month (almost). Well, its been busy. VERY BUSY

Leading up to Labour Day weekend, I worked something like 8 straight, 1 off, 12 straight.
Then I had one day off on the Sunday, worked Labour Day and Tuesday after Labour Day, then the kids started school. Things were supposed to immediately slow down, however, I had to write my first essay for my lit course. Wow, that was time consuming. I had forgotten. ANd I had to fight with the instructor regarding 2 pieces of an assignment she claimed I never handed in.

This week has been all about getting ready for the local thrift sale. You pay $20, get a vendor #, and you get to keep 100% of all the stuff you sell. They help you set it out, they take it all down and sort it for you, and help you carry it out if it didn't sell. It's well worth it if you have a van load of stuff you want to sell to people.

When I picked up my stuff, it looked like I had sold about $90 give or take. AWESOME!

Now, it is Saturday, the first day of the first weekend I have had off in many weeks. It's been long enough I don't know what the last weekend I had off was.

I am sitting on my heiny. I am doing nothing. I am watching TV, and later I am going to a friends house to watch movies.

Tomorrow, I need to start Fall cleaning, and definitely need to get the air conditioners out of the windows as it has been close to freezing around here at night. But for now, I sit, and I enjoy peace, quiet, and the chance to unwind after 6 weeks of craziness.

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