Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feeling a little panicked

So, I accessed the next course I need to take. Wow. I've got all the important stuff printed, as well as all the assignments, discussions, and the major essay outlines. Then I printed all 10 lectures. They aren't overly long, I can digest them in less than half an hour. The content is dull at best, but I can get through it, its not the hardest stuff I've had to master.

Here's the problem causing me panic: this course has a very rigid schedule, with one full letter grade deducted if you miss the post deadline. Also, you only have 48 hours to write an intelligent, cited response to 2 other people's discussion posts. Not to mention three essays - 2 1000 word puupies and the major 2000 word sucker. Do any of you remember the feeling when you arrived at your first university course and saw all the work, week by week that you would have to complete? I am very quickly recalling the pit in my stomach. I was very spoiled by Linda's Office course. Go at your own pace, try to do 2 -3 assignments a week, and email me if you have any questionsm the exam is ready when you feel you're done. That one I did in 21 days. This one I'll be taking the full 4 months, thank you very much.

One other thing, this course requires papers to be cited in the MLA style. I never thought about checking to see what documentation style they would want. I am a science major, so my experience with documentation has always been APA. Crap! Now I need to get my hands on my old Notes of the Preparation of Essays in the Arts and Sciences. A great handbook that showed how to document in both styles, and gave pointers on format and general style. Where is it?

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  1. It is funny that you are panicked with having to do MLA style.

    I was the opposite. MLA, no biggie, could do it in my sleep. APA, HOLY CRAP!!