Saturday, August 8, 2009


So, the twins go to their dad's house tomorrow night for almost 9 days.

This of course means that although I am working every day that they are gone, I will have time to do things, many things - hopefully.

The top of the list is to repaint the spare room for Twin B to move into (cousin note: when we named the girls, we accidentally named them in alphabetical order to their birth order and Twin A is the one who came first, how does that work). And of course rearrange lots of furniture.

I doubt very much that Bugaboo, (Twin B) will end up in her sister's room. Once she is asleep, she is out, and she is like me, when she makes up her mind, she is set and determined. And if that does happen, that's okay. She'll still benefit from having her own private space, as will Little Bean (Twin A).

This project has meant that some furnishings are being moved to my room, and some things are being moved out to Grammy and Grandads extra room (they are empty nesters now, so they have lots of rooms). I also need to go to the family storage locker and clear out whatever I can, including a piece of furniture that I now need for my room.

Then, I still have the storage room to clean up cause I've let it get away from me again. And the kitchen chairs to fix, the chest freezer to go through and clean out, kitchen drawers to rummage and de clutter, menu planning for the rest of the month so groceries will be easier with all the busyness, back to school shopping lists to write - including two new pairs of running shoes per twin, and then there's all the prep to be done for fall (seeing what warm clothes we have, what we need, Little Bean has finally outgrown size 4).

I have a get together to attend on Wednesday after work, really need to catch up with a couple of old friends, oh, and the backyard needs tidying and weeding, as does the front, replace the front light bulb, I could go on and on and on.

And don't forget, I have only 10 more days until my first assignment is due for Children's Lit, and less than a month now until the first 1000 word essay.

Whew, I know I am overwhelemed after cataloguing all of that - how about you?

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