Sunday, August 16, 2009

36 hours +/- to go

So the girls come home tomorrow night. I still need to wash their bedding, and sort out their clothing and stuffed animals so they each have the appropriate ones in their respective rooms. They won't be home until Monday night, and they will likely be quite tired, otherwise I would wait and let them help to sort their belongings and put things away. I also should try to vacuum the whole house, since I have neglected the downstairs the entire week.

I am also now contemplating heading to the zoo (Toronto) on Tuesday, which would make for a rather busy couple of days. I haven't decided completely yet though, as I may wait and do Toronto in a few weeks when it isn't so hot out, and go to Peterborough on Tuesday instead, since they have a great little zoo with a water park and a little train and I can take all our own food, etc.

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  1. We had no problem bringing a picnic in to the Zoo the other day... I hid it in the bottom of the diaper bag just in case, but they didn't even check!!