Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check, check, check

So, that to do list for when the kids left for their dad's? I got a head start. The girls were excited to help start the process, so they moved books, stripped beds, and did whatever else they could since it was a rainy day here on Sunday.

BUT I added to the to do list in the process. I decided that since I have wanted to paint my bedroom since we moved into this house, I would do that too. What better way to use the time whilst the other room dries in between coats?

So, I have slept in the living room since Sunday, and tonight I am back in my freshly painted, beautiful bedroom. Bugaboos room is done and furnished as well. I just need to hang her night light and hang Bean's night light. I have to say I honestly can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. Maybe I'll decide to work on choosing a colour for the hall, stairway, living room, and entry since I've now painted everything else that needed/warranted a coat of paint except the main areas of my home.

All that is left is a major sort and clean out of each bedroom, which is normally on the to do list for this time of year since school will be starting soon. Then its get the rest of my stuff out of my Dad's storage.

Now to await the exciting arrival home of the twins to their very own bedrooms. This should be interesting.

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