Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shhh, Santa's been busy

So my twins' birthday is 6 weeks before Christmas. My moms is a week before, mine is a week after. There are a few others' birthdays that occur in that 8 week time frame as well.

So I started a couple of years ago planning as far ahead as possible, and picking things up on sale as I saw them - books and DVDs especially. We love movies and stories in our house. This year, I have outdone myself. I have the twins' birthday completely done - and outfit each, a cabbage patch limited edition that they begged me to get when they saw them and a couple of other things. Then I have Christmas done except for: the new in car dvd system - it will be in stock soon and on for $99 so I'll pick it up then, and a few more stocking stuffers.

What makes this year unique is that not only have I completed my kids gifts and its only August, but I have my brother's gift on order, it will arrive later this week, and I am picking up bits and pieces for my mom here and there - she wants new sets of stemware as she currently has a mish mash of glasses and stemware, and not enough of a specific type. The only major person left is my dad. Neither my brother or I can figure him out. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm sure something will be on sale and catch my eye for him:)

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