Monday, November 16, 2009

Breathing a huge sigh of relief.

So, in my life it seems that major events tend to lump themselves together, and while I take lots of time to prepare and schedule to make life as simple as possible, it can be exhausting.

This past weekend 3 major events took place. Keep in mind, normally my girls are with their dad on the weekends, but due to two of these major events, I had them home with me. My mom came early Saturday morning, with plans to take the girls out for breakfast and to get new pretty shoes for dressing up nice this holiday season. I headed out to write my three hour final exam for Children's Lit. While I was well prepared, I was not well rested, having fretted all night long about this final. It's the first exam I've taken since I graduated Trent. That was in 2002. I took almost all of my three hours and I know I passed. I left the dry exam room in agony despite the lovely executive chairs they have for us to sit in.

Then it was off to Amherstview to pick up the girls nut free Hannah Montana birthday cake.

I got home to find my mom folding laundry, my girls incredibly happy with their pretty shoes, and had the opportunity to quickly go get everything I needed for major event #3 before my mom went to meet my dad.

I took the time after my exam and before major event #2 to start cleaning and do some preparation for major event #3.

Major event #2 was my staff party at my boss' house. This is technically a three hour paid training in which we play with all the new machines and are educated about each product. Jean's an awesome boss who figures we all know what we're doing, and we all talk about the different products to each other when we find things out about them, so we went to his house, ate great food, and laughed and talked and had a great time. The girls came with me, and Jean's youngest daughter adopted them, and I barely saw them the whole time. She even sat with them to eat dinner, and helped them get more when they wanted more. This event was a nice relaxing time at the end of one very stressful day. We came home, the twins passed out immediately, and I wrapped presents for event #3.

Sunday morning was spent preparing for event #3, the twins 5th birhtday party. We had invited a family with two severe nut allergies. The game plan Sunday morning, lock all the nut containing stuff in a cupboard, and lysol everything within a three year olds reach. Then prepare the party food. The phone kept ringing, the girls were fighting and bugging and generally making things more difficult. But I had everything done before guests arrived, with a little help from mom who got the girls dressed and made up the food trays.

The girls really enjoyed their birthday party. Unfortunately our friends with the nut allergies didn't make it. All I can say is it feels great to be past the final exam in the most horrible course I have ever taken (that I couldn't drop), and the girls' birthday party cause that always takes a lot of preparation.

Tomorrow, pics of the two new additions to our family, Allison and Velia ages 20 months and 17 months respectively. The girls haven't left them alone since they opened them. They are getting them a year later than when I got my first one, but I couldn't find any that were the traditional ones last year in stores. As it was I had to buy these in July to make sure I had them.

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