Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Makes no sense whatsoever, but seems to have worked

So, this morning I am walking down the three stairs to our entryway. My daughter is sitting to one side putting on her boots. I slip, doing the semi splits, knocking my daughter into the wall next to her, and the pain in my ankle is excruciating.

My daughter has a little knock on her noggin, but is fine, just really scared.

Oddly enough, the pain in my ankle began to subside within 2 minutes. This was very disconcerting. Normally, when I fall like this, it hurts for days. When I was 11 I injured my right ankle badly, and have re injured it frequently since. The most recent injury was Dec 27 last year, when I was sure I must have broken it finally, but severely sprained it, earning me 10 days on crutches. Since then, despite the best efforts of my chiropractor, it hasn't been right and I have had a lot of pain when working out or being on my feet for a long time.

Today, it seems, whatever happened last December was reversed. After the pain subsided, I stood up and oddly, felt like I was finally standing normally. While the soft tissues are sore, and there is bruising, the joints feel like they are where they should be, for the first time in 11 months.

Who'd a thunk falling down the stairs would fix the injury I received the last time I fell down the stairs?

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