Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On floods and such

So, I'm watching the news yesterday, and they are covering the BC floods. I was so frustrated by the story that I tried to blog about it, and was too flustered to articulate myself properly.

Now I have calmed and had time to reflect and I have something to say.

#1. If you know an area floods regularly (and I don't mean every year, but has been a known flood plain within the last two decades) DON'T build your house there. Even the most undeveloped cultures in the world know this. Why is it, we, the most educated people on the planet cannot put 2 and 2 together and not build where the water flows? ( I am reminded here of Survivor 2 or 3 when one tribe built their camp in the path of a river overflow. First rainfall, swoosh, everything washed into the croc infested river)

#2. If you can't insure your house for the reason that it is built on a known flood plain, you should be shit out of luck. BUT did you know that in the case of these BC floods the government is giving the un insured flood plain dwellers 80% of the value of their losses? WTF. If the insurance tells you not to build there cause it'll flood, and you build there anyway, you shouldn't get the government paying you for your stupidity.

#3 If you have been told repeatedly that this house is on a known flood plain, and you can't insure it because it is on a floodplain, you don't deserve people being sympathetic about your loss. It's kinda like leaving the keys in your convertible on a busy downtown street, DUH, yo did it to yourself.

Frankly, after writing all of this, I am still disgusted with our society that feels sympathy for people who knowingly put themselves in the way of disaster, and then pays them for losing everything, despite the fact that multiple sources told them whatever they were doing was a bad idea.

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