Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sun Ceremony

So, the montessori tradition celebrates birthdays of children in the class in a very special way.

Its called the sun ceremony.

All the children gather in a circle, the sun is placed at the centre. The child (or in my case children) to be celebrated brings a picture of when they were born, their first birthday, second, and so on up to the last birthday they had. The child walks around the sun carrying the first picture, while the group sings a special song about the sun. This is done with each picture to represent each year of the child's life, each time the child has been around the sun. The final go round is without a picture, to represent the beginning of the next year of life.

The girls really love this ceremony, and tomorrow is their third, and last sun ceremony as they have been at Montessori three years now. How the time flies.

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