Monday, November 23, 2009

The Bomb

So, I had planned to make some job changes over the summer, because the girls would be in daycare full time, then going to big kid school in September, meaning that the full time daycare would be caring for them before and after school.

Well, due to the expansion of our daycare, there are lots of changes happening, and unfortunately they are happening much sooner than I had expected.

Basically, my cushy, comfortable part time position will not exist for much longer, and a full time position that will allow for school time, and the girls' schedule until June has come up. It's a position I have done before, in a different way, but it is a position that I like.

So, about 6 months ahead of schedule, right about when I hope to be starting my history course, I will likely be starting to work full time as a cook for the daycare, and remain part time at the store on the weekends.

So, here goes the end of an era, having the best of both worlds. The advantages of being at home with my girls, and the income of having 3 part time jobs.

Now its time to get down to business.

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