Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's for dinner?

This question is always on my mind. Especially on days when I work until 4:30 or later. That means what's for dinner has to be defrosted by the time I get home, or I have to come up with something not involving the various stocks of beef, pork, and chicken I keep in the freezer.

While I love take out, its just too expensive.

I'm pretty sure I took out some pork tenderloin cuts this morning (gosh, I hope I did). If that's the case its probably going to be some kind of a pork and rice dish. The challenge: I haven't got any peppers or other fresh veg in the fridge to stir fry into the rice to make it interesting. Well, I guess its time to scope out a couple of my favourtie cooking blogs to see if I can find any ideas with my limited supplies.

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