Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've decided to let out my inner Blog Monster

Alright. I have become frustrated with the whole answering the same question on facebook multiple times. That and the fact that every time I update my status, the last one disappears.

I have too much that I want to share about me, my life as a mom of twins, my new(ish) life as a single mom (these things are not mutually exclusive, but each designation carries different meaning), how I manage three part time jobs, a social life (HA), and finances (cause everyone keeps asking) and the things I like to do.

I blame Leslie (she'll hopefully become a follower). She introduced me to her blog, and from that I ended up on her husband's blog about sailing the family boat, and now I am up to at least 4 blogs that I follow religiously. Cous, you have created a monster and it is about to unleash itself on the world. Here goes.

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