Monday, June 21, 2010

FINALLY I get to pull another tooth!

Over a month ago I announced that Mackenzie had her first loose tooth.

Finally the tooth was ready tonight, and with a little encouragement from my anxious girl (anxious to be a BIG KID that is), I yanked it out.

I was pretty sure that when I took them to their father's this weekend, they would both come home less one tooth each. Guess I was wrong. My girls waited for Mommy to pull their teeth.

Laura went first, hers second tooth was being pushed by an adult one, so it was very ready.

Then Mackenzie's turn. I must admit, Mack is more squeamish, and she frets over blood, but she bore up, let me pull, and sponged up the blood with a Kleenex while BOUNCING on her sister's bed. She was just overjoyed at finally losing her first tooth.

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