Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ahhh now I get it

In my last post I said I had expected that my girls would come home toothless. I thought this was strange. I didn't press it, but wondered why they hadn't asked to have their teeth pulled at Dads. They were literally hanging out when they got home.

So in the car yesterday, they were talking about their teeth. Laura said Daddy was going to pull her tooth with tools. Aha, that's why the teeth were still in. Both started to go on about how no way was Daddy putting squeezy tools on their teeth to pull out. Laura's statement was actually "mommy has way better ideas about teeth pulling, no tools, never."

I find this funny. I didn't realize they would have this reaction. I understand why my ex would use pliers gently - his fingers don't fit in the girls mouths very well. And he would have a hard time getting ahold of such tiny teeth.

I guess that means I get to pull all their teeth, at least until they start trying it out on their own.

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