Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad Motrin, Bad Bad Motrin

I love my motrin. The stuff you buy over the counter is perfect for me when I have a headache or my back is really killing me.

Recently I had tooth problems that ultimately led to the extraction of said tooth. For pain and inflammation, I was prescribed what the dentist called SUPER MOTRIN. I was all for it.

I was taking it sporatically, as needed, for the first week. Then after the tooth was pulled, I took them round the clock with food as prescribed. By the third day after the tooth, I was experiencing some problems. Lightheadedness, a lethargic feeling. Just not good. I thought it was the tail end of the tooth problem.

I was wrong. On day 4, I missed work. Stayed in bed the entire day watching movies and sleeping off and on wrapped in a down comforter AND a furry blanket shivering uncontrollably. I was okay ish on Saturday, but looking back I didn't take any Motrin until later in the day. Sunday, day 6, I was feeling really really bad. I did an internet search, and I stopped taking the drug.
Needless to say I stayed home again on day 7, and called the doctor.
She saw me on day 8. this is the 5th day since the symptoms started, and less than two days of not taking the drug. She checked things out, and confirmed that my internet search was correct.

She said to never take the high dose again, and to use an alternative to the over the counter stuff whenever possible to help my system recover.
She also said that had I continued to take it, my system would have been damaged, and it wouldn't have taken much longer.

Then she said it could be two to three more days until the symptoms really started to go away as the medication cleared my system. Fluids and tea to help flush was all I could do.

Remind me never to take any kind of painkiller for a prolonged time again, cause this really sucks.

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