Sunday, November 7, 2010

I can't wait for December 27th!

Wow. I just laid out the calendars for November and December.
Keep in mind I still only have 24 free hours per week, and my part time job is retail, so I will be working more hours.

Here's a rough outline of how things will play out.

I have 4 out of 5 assignments for Education and Development due between November 4 and 25.

I have a card making workshop on the 13th (YAY! I didn't think I'd get to do one)

I have new menu rollout this month at work

The twins turn 6 mid November

That same weekend is my store Christmas get together. I usually make a couple of treats for this.
Mom and Dad will be away early December for a week

Extended hours are on at the mall, meaning I work an extra 4 hours per weekend, hopefully more if the boss says I can pick up some hours on my Saturdays off.

There's also moonlight madness in there that I can work, which is 6-11 pm. Crazy. Yes, I am CRAZY!

I need to bake cookies and other treats for the daycare party, which means staying late or doing some at home for the first few weeks of December.

There's a staff meeting, final class with essay due, and the Christmas Party at the daycare I work at all in one week

I also need to fit in some Christmas baking for ourselves, and some Christmas crafting with the girls to compliment what we are giving for Christmas.

Thankfully, Dec 18th things will slow down considerably. And then on December 27th, I won't know what to do with myself.

Breathe in, breathe out. This is do-able. Really, it is.
I think the only thing saving me is that I have all my Christmas shopping done (and Birthday) for the kids. And I will be doing minimal shopping for everyone else.

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