Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bwa ha ha ha ha

So, today is the last day of March Break. Here are the things I managed to get done.

1. New tires on the car
2. Purchased (but did not put together) the bench for the entryway
3. Some Easter and Christmas shopping
4. Obtained all of the materials I need for the Literacy course (this was not easy in any way shape or form)
5. Got a massage
6. Got the tire alignment that my car desperately needed.

A few things came up on short notice, such as a meeting with the new cook and the supervisors, and epi pen training, which definitely interfered with my plans, as they meant compressing my week even more than it already was with taking Friday to spend with the girls.

I'm not disappointed in what I got done, but I must admit, the week did not go the way I had it planned.

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