Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Um, Wii Fit, I love you, but only if what you say is true.

(written on Sunday night)

At the end of January, I noticed that some parts were, well, feeling different. So I stepped on my Wii fit and took a body test.

It told me that since December 28th I had lost 4.6 kilos.

I was extremely please. Over 10 lbs in 33 days, over my birthday nontheless.

Tonight, after being at the Keg, eating a full dinner, having a small dessert, I stepped on the Wii Fit again - mostly because the pants I was wearing were not sitting the way they usually do.

And I am absolutely astounded! It said I have lost about 13 kilos since the end of January. That's over 28 lbs.

So, if the Wii Fit is correct, I am losing about 10lbs a month, without consciously doing it. So, say, 4 ish months from now I will weigh what I did in 1998, and 6 months from now, I will weigh what I weighed when I was my lightest at my adult height. Can I really hope for that much? Especially since I don't really know what's happening to me?

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