Friday, March 11, 2011

March Break Looms ahead.....

And its been another long interval since I blogged. Ooops.

Anyhoo, March Break starts tonight, and the girls leave for their Dad's place until next Thursday. This means lots of time without children running amok to get some things done. And my tax refund also came in, so....... the question becomes: What am I going to do this week?

1. I know I will be logging some time in the library, since I started my Literacy course and the work load is immense. Absolutely mind boggling immense.

2. I will be logging extra hours at my third job, since I haven't been there in two weeks.

3. I need a project. Paint the upstairs? Paint the kitchen? Fix the pipe and replace the drywall in the entryway? Tear into the basement some more? The possibilities are endless. Add to that I need new closet doors for every closet in this place, and new clothes for a wedding in 3 months, and I have tons to get done.

But which project will I actually tackle? I just don't know.

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