Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kenzie and Laura Invade Orlando - the Pretrip

So, the almost two months flew from the time I booked the trip to the time we went on the trip. Part of what kept me busy was a horrible History of Western Civilization course. I had to get a test, and assignment, two discussions and a major essay done before I could leave, and when we got back, I would have a few days before the awful exam.

We headed to Toronto the Sunday afternoon, hung out with Uncle Ricky - the girls loved playing with all the stray golf balls in Ricky's yard. We had supper, then headed to a hotel to sleep until we had to head to the airport at 3:30.

Can you find my children sleeping in this massive King size bed?

The girls were amazing, they got up and grabbed their stuff to park the car and catch the shuttle (we had put them to bed in their travelling outfits). They went through security, and US customs with ease, then settled into a bagel and milk before getting on their very first big plane!

It was really nice, because the gate we were at gave us a view of our plane. And we met a pilot waiting to deadhead to Orlando. (Unfortunately I was not coherent enough nor organized enough to take a picture of their first big plane :(

And this is what they looked like on our way to Sea World and hour and a half after getting off the plane. We let them sleep for a bit while I grabbed some subway, and we scoped out the little groceteria for some of our favourite south of the border snacks and drinks - sadly I did not find any yoo hoo the entire day.

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