Friday, April 30, 2010

Kenzie and Laura Invade Orlando - Day 1

So, the plan on Day 1 was to get the car, and head to Sea World. They have a great offer right now. You can buy your tickets online, save $10 per adult, and then you qualify to get a second day free, you just have to go to the ticket window inside the entrance and get your day 2 tickets.

We got to Sea World, having enjoyed some subway enroute, and headed for the first show. Here we are waiting. Laura doesn't do well off routine, so she was fighting a case of grumpiness. We had warned the girls ahead of time that if we sat in a certain area, we would be splashed by the whales, and would get VERY wet. They were all for it, until.............

Yep, that's right, they were all for it until it happened. Man was Kenzie MAD. From there we headed to Shamu's Happy Harbour. We each took a child on the Shamu coaster, which the girls loved, and mommy.... well..... let's just say that roller coasters are what Uncles and Grammy's are for. I don't do coasters. Then they went on a high ride with Grammy - the main reason I don't do coasters is height. I like fast, I like circles, but NOT height. A spin on the merry go round with mommy and supper ended our day at the park.

We checked in to the hotel, and of course, the girls saw the pool. So we had to go swimming. Turns out, the pool was heated, and a salt pool, not a chlorine pool, which was wonderful. It was warmer in the water than in the night breeze.

Stay tuned for Day 2, I took TONS of pictures since this was our Disney World day.

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