Monday, April 26, 2010

March started to pick up a bit....

So, with all this new work happening, the kids and I haven't been getting a lot of quality time together. So on the first weekend in March, I was off, and kept the kids home with me. The weather was supposed to be quite nice, so we headed for the zoo to use our new membership for the first time! It was a nice sunny cool day. A few words of advice though if you go to the zoo in the off season: take your own lunch. The only foodservices open are the cafe at the entrance and the Africas outdoor restaurant. The line up here was over 30 minutes long, we were squished, squashed and otherwise mistreated by all the other squished squashed people in in line, and the staff were downright rude - who has to care about one sale, when you have 100 other people waiting. Then there was no where to sit with 2 children and a tray out of the wind, so we sat in the muddy, wet, goose infested picnic area trying to keep our lunch from being stolen, our napkins from blowing away, and getting cold in the wind. Not a fun time.

BUT with the sunny but cool weather, many animals who are normally snoozing when we see them were alert and active. The lions were romping around, the elephants actually outside and moving, it was great.

I think our latest favourite animal (formerly the giraffe) is the Orangutan. There are two places to watch the Orangs from, and the lookout is the best. A nursing mother brought her tiny baby to the window for all to admire, and juvenile played dress up with a blanket, making itself a nun, and the alpha male even treated us to a hello, right up to the glass separating us. It was a great day.

And even better, we arrived home to homemade sloppy joes that warmed in the slowcooker for our late night dinner.

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