Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kenzie and Laura Invade Orlando - Day 2

Well rested, we dressed, ate breakfast at IHOP (SO YUMMY) and headed to the Magic Kingdom.

After a photo shoot with Walt and Minnie, with Main Street USA as a backdrop, we headed straight for the Emporium to get ballcaps for the girls, and then onto Adventureland to get Fast passes for the Jungle Cruise. We visited the Tiki Room, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, and rode the magic carpets of Aladin.

After lunch, and a visit to the Country Bear Jamboree, we headed to Liberty Square. We took in the Haunted House (thanks to some jack a$$es in the car ahead of us, the ride stopped and didn't continue for over 5 minutes) then the parade. After the Parade, we found Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. After a short wait, we got to spend some time with them, and got some wonderful pictures.
The girls were getting pretty tired by this time, so we had some frozen lemonade and a seat in the shade on on the roof of the entry gates where the train station is. From here we saw the retreat of the flag, and the Street Party (a short 5 pm parade featuring characters not seen in earlier the earlier parade). We decided we needed more rest if we were going to make it to the fireworks, so we rode the steam train around the park. We still hadn't met Mickey, Minnie, the Princesses, or the Fairies, which meant we went back to get Grammy at the main train station and rode to the Toontown stop.

Our first order of business was to head for Mickey Mouse's house, then on to the "Judge's Tent" to meet the big cheese himself. The girls were very good, Laura napped on my shoulder while we waited in line. When they were called, both twins rushed poor Minnie before I could slow them down, nearly knocking her over. They hugged Mickey, and then posed for this photograph. Then it was on to Minnie's house to play.

Grammy had been waiting outside for us, and while she waited, she had found face painting and the girls had their faces done. Laura was a cheshire cat, and Mack was Minnie Mouse. We really enjoyed Minnie's house, especially her living room. After checking her baking, looking in the fridge and listening to her messages, we left Minnie's to accomplish our biggest objective: Meet the fairies and the princesses. First we met the fairies, having to shrink down to fairy size to fit in pixie hollow. Iridessa met us at the entry, then we chatted with Tink, and examined the fall sceptre. The girls made sure to chastise Terrance for breaking the blue moonstone. We spent some time with Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora. After meeting our favourite characters, we headed back to the castle to watch fireworks. Tinkerbell streaks through the sky, heading home to Peter in Neverland. (Its a real person, up impossibly high, on a zipline jumping from a window way up in the main tower of the castle. CRAZY!)

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