Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kenzie and Laura Invade Orlando - Day 3

Ahhhh, this was our down day. Well timed too, since the first two days had been a whirlwind. We headed for the beach. Daytona Beach that is, which legally is actually called Volusia Beach now (there is only a very tiny portion called Daytona, which means the Tom Tom couldn't find it).

We had breakie (Shoney's this time) and made our way to the bee line. The hope was that two little girls would snooze on the way, but to no avail. We needed to make a pit stop about half way there, and saw a Super Target. Woohoo shopping pit stop! We got some snacks, a coffee, and some new clothes.

We got to Daytona, paid our $5 all day parking/usage fee, and cruised down the sand. The girls were just becoming extremely impatient when we spotted what we were looking for, the Sanddollar, where my family used to join my grandparents for some September beach enjoyment. There was a spot to park not too far away, and a main guard tower, complete with change rooms and shower. PERFECT.

There was a purple flag (biological warning, in this case very small jellyfish that sting) and a yellow flag (meaning use caution, strong pulls and potential rip tides were happening) so I personally didn't venture beyond my waist with the girls since I found dragging them through the pull a little difficult. They loved it, except when they got salty water in their mouths ~ I told them and told them, but they kept on screaming wide mouthed when a wave hit.

At our Super Target we grabbed some cheapie sand toys, and the girls made a sand flower with grammy. (I really really don't like sand, so much so that I made us all set down my beach blanket below the tide line so we'd be in wet, packed sand which isn't as offensive as the dry stuff)

After the beach, we decided to have an early supper, since the girls would likely crash out on the drive back to Orlando (its 1 - 1 1/2 hours). We had checked online before heading down, and my favourite restaurant from when I was a kid had been closed for a condo development, but Mom managed to find Aunt CatFish's which was great.

The girls did crash out, I had to carry them up the stairs again from the car. Mom and I spent the evening packing up and sorting so that we were ready for the airport after Sea World part two.

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