Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Um, Mr Fireman, Sir... I'm sorry,

Today was one of those days when you want the world to open up swallow you whole.

The children at the daycare love these little miniature hamburgers I make. I usually cook them on the griddle, but I was advised that it was a safety concern as I don't have a proper commercial extinguishing hood. I was instructed to start making them in the oven in a shallow pan on high heat.

So, the little burgers were almost done, but the grease all around them was smoking slightly. I kept an eye on them and had the exhaust fan on the highest setting. I was winning the battle. Then, as I pulled the pan from the oven, a plume of blue smoke rose up, I watched it go straight up the fume hood, and assumed I was okay. I grabbed 6 little burgers and went to feed the youngest room of children - I was a couple of minutes behind owing to the new cooking method. As I returned to the kitchen, I realized it was FULL of smoke. I tried to hop up on the counter to reach my window and open it, but too late.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Strobe lights flashing, tons of noise, and me surrounded by the clearing smoke, dreading the moment the truck pulled up (and also the razzing I know is coming from my coworkers).

We cleared the building, I informed the person in charge there was no fire, that it was my fault, the burgers had smoked too much. I waited for the fire truck out front while the children enjoyed to sunny grass park next to our centre.

The first truck pulled up, the Captain (the man in the RED hat) looked at me sternly as I explained. I damn near cried. His only words were "Okay, show us."

So with me leading the way, the captain fireman and two hottie fireman (and I mean calendar material) examined my kitchen, and the baking sheet with the burgers. Needless to say my face was as RED as the captains hat.

They cleared us to re enter, we thanked them profusely, and parted ways.

I'm never making mini burgers EVER EVER EVER AGAIN!

Note: when I made them my way, we never had to evacuate, so please be kind. It is rather humiliating as it is. I'm thinking Sloppy Joes is a great substitute.

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