Monday, May 3, 2010

Kenzie and Laura Invade Orlando - Day 4

Thursday, our final day, began with loading up all our crap into the jeep. I don't travel light, and I spent every penny I had set aside for this trip, meaning that we had more stuff to bring back. Thankfully, the twins acutal stuff took up a small corner of my suitcase, and their baggage allowances made up for all the new things.

We hit IHOP again - what can I say, spinach & mushrooms wrapped in an omellete drizzled with hollandaise, then spattered with cholula hot sauce is my new fav breakie.

On to Sea World for day 2. We had already fed sting rays on our first day ( I forgot to write about that), so on this day, we took in a different show, fed seals & sea lions, and dolphins. This is one of the dolphins we fed, they were all really cool, well trained, the girls got to touch them a bit. I managed to pet them as much as possible. It was a short day, as we needed to be at the airport around 5:30 - 6 ish to check in for our 8:10 flight home.

The girls had a nap in the jeep while Mom and I cruised unintentionally around the airport. We kept going under over passes on the service roads (now keep in mind before I tell you this, I have only ever been to 3 airports other than Pearson) I mentioned how neat it would be if the overpasses were for planes. Enter my travel naievety. Planes were going over these overpasses. They would taxi away from the terminal, head out to the runways using the overpass to reach it. Cool. (Our plane went over one, which was even cooler)

We checked our luggage, ate McDonalds for dinner (Grammy was having a puff and getting a starbucks) and headed for the gate.

It was a great trip, I just finished the scrapbook, so many smiles, so much excitement got caught in those pages. I would do it all again in a heartbeat ~ but maybe add more beach time.

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