Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sooooo......there's not too much to say at the moment

Soooo, I am out of bloggable stuff. Life has been a little bit boring for the 3 weeks since vacation ended, History ended and life fell into place without massive amounts of homework.

Whats on the agenda for the next 3 1/2 months til I start grad school?

I haven't gotten organized enough yet to nail that down completely. Perhaps that is item # 1 - re organize everything, and purge while I am at it.

I do need to come up with a system that will support my increasing workload. I need to start experimenting with make ahead meals - I found a really great website where the stay at home moms have a cooking day once per month, and make most of their meals on that day. This also includes gathering resources for the $ for school once the savings runs out, assembling my "team" for the nights I am at school - and the Friday/Saturday combos for the summertime and ensuring I have done everything I can to make sure my car is in tip top shape for all the travelling.

I need to PAINT! I have been here well over two years, and I desperately would like to end the rental white blahness that we wake up to everyday. (I do believe I have chosen a paint colour, with an accent colour on exactly the same swatch). I cant be around paint fumes too much, but once the windows can be opened, and I can go outside if it gets to be too much, I should be okay. I figure it'll take me quite awhile since I will be doing common areas, and will have to move furniture away from one wall at a time, clean the wall, fix the wall, paint the wall, let it dry, paint the wall again, and move the furniture back. Yes, this even sounds tedious in type.

I think, that despite not having any schoolwork for the next few months, I will be a very very busy girl, and there will still be lots of research and "homeowork" involved.

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