Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On the flip side of vacation...

Ew. I always think taking a vacation is so much more work than just not. So true. I had to catch up at work, study for an exam that was only 4 days away, and clean the house again, even though we weren't home for a week.

The week after vacation, something went wrong every single day. Surprise, we changed your gas meter so now you have no heat until we come back and turn it on for you! We'll be there between 4 and 9 pm so please be home - NOT! After my phone call, they returned within 20 minutes and we had heat. Surprise, the staff meeting is changed to this week, sorry but I can't be there on account of no sitter (lack of notice to get one) and I have a HUGE exam the next night. Surprise, that meeting that didn't get confirmed is actually happening, hope you're ready (I wasn't but it was okay) Surprise, the exam for the most horrible course you have ever taken is following suit, 3 essay questions, no choices, answer em all - sorry you don't remember more than half of one answer. (thankfully this turned out beyond OK!) Surprise, we are turning off your the hydro to your place of work (I cook for 40 two snacks plus lunch) today, sorry about your luck.

Was I ever glad the week following vacation was over.

I have doubts as to whether I will take a vacation again.

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