Monday, May 10, 2010

Loose tooth part deux.

As I thought, last night Laura's tooth did pull rather easily around 6pm. She couldn't stand the feeling of a wiggly tooth and worked it like crazy until it was ready. I was really hesitant to pull it for her when it came down to it. I didn't want to hurt her, I didn't want this experience to be a bad one for both her sake and Mackenzie's. I seriously considered driving to Mom and Dad's place to have Dad pull it for her. This picture was taken about two minutes after the pull.

I gave a lot of thought to what the tooth fairy should bring. I did a little facebook poll, and my Aunt gave me a great idea. $5 for the first tooth, then $1 for each tooth thereafter. I thought it was a good idea to recognize the first tooth as being extra special - and thankfully I had a five in my wallet since it was 6 pm on a Sunday.

Here she is around 5:30 this morning showing off the "paper money" the toothfairy left her. Her tooth magically gone from its special box.

Tonight, she said her mouth felt funny again. I checked and the tooth directly to our right is now loose. I think this is the beginning of me keeping a roll of loonies hidden somewhere, and a fiver for my other big girl for her first tooth.

Laura, ever generous, asked me after supper today if we could go spend her paper money on something special that she and Mackenzie could share to play with.

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