Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coffee has become my only vice.......this may not be good.

So, I am not really a smoker - asthma/allergies/environmental sensitivities don't really mix well with ciggies. Though sometimes I would like to be.

I am not a stoner, cause its illegal and a little expensive for my tastes.

I am no longer a drinker - that relaxing glass of wine/whisky/tequila was stolen from me when I began a new medication regime in the Spring. Technically I can still drink on these meds, however I can't even get half a drink in before I feel absolutely awful.

I have nothing left but my coffee. Glorious, dark roasted, coffee.

Here's the kicker. Acid reflux sufferers are not supposed to consume too much coffee. I have acid reflux. And I am sensitive to caffeine, enough so that I don't sleep if I drink it too late (like after 4 pm, which is dangerously close to the time right now, and I am thoroughly enjoying a cup of Kenyan dark roast).

Oh well. If the doc complains about my three cups a day, then I will simply outline how much worse things could be......I could start smoking again.

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