Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A jumble of thoughts today, to be posted tomorrow.

So, it is January the third. Wow, 2011. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating my 19th birthday and the turn of the century.

I have many many thoughts running through my brain. And I really didn't think 10 facebook status updates within a half hour was a great idea. So, here they are.

#1. I am crazy. Today my full time job is closed, so I technically should have a day off. But, I convinced the boss at the store to take his stat day today, keep head office happy, and give me an 8 hour gravy shift. This morning I am kind of regretting it, however, in reality, the money will help alot.

#2. I watch CTV newsnet every morning. This morning they were discussing that just before midnight hundreds of blackbirds began falling from the sky either dead or close to it. They fell for about a half an hour, stopping just around midnight. WTF? It happened in a little town in the Arkansas bible belt. Betcha they are consulting their bibles, trying to figure out if judgement day is coming.

#3. The girls head back to school today. They have announced that they "hate school". I doubt it, I think they just hate waking up before they are ready, and would rather be playing. They seem to do well at school when they are there. Its funny how I take such joy in the complaining and grumping going on this morning.

#4. I am still pissed that I didn't know about the eclipse on the solstice in enough time to plan to be off and able to stay up to see it. Won't be another one like that until after I'm long dead. (Unless I live to be 113 that is)

#5. Both kids are looking a little peaky, despite being home and reasonable well rested. Both have tummys that are a little upset, they both got up in the night to use the bathroom which is very unusual. I am hoping they are not getting a bug. I don't want to start the new year at the daycare by using a sick day the first possible day I can.

#6. Sick days, vacation days, personal days. I ran out of paid time off in October. Laura has been sick a couple of times since, Kenzie once, me once. As of January 1, I get all 10 sick days, all 10 vacation days, and 2 personal days back. THANK FREAKING GOODNESS!

Well, its time to take the little ones to school :)

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